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">Native Americans in the labor force: hunting for an accurate measure 07/01/1982


Regional economies

">A black community with advanced labor force characteristics in 1960 02/01/2007
  • Industry dynamics in the Washington, DC, area: has a second job core emerged? 12/01/2006
  • Proportion of workers in selected pay ranges by region and State, 2005. 12/01/2006
  • Multiple jobholding in States in 2005 11/01/2006
  • Structural changes in Manhattan’s post-9/11 economy 10/01/2006
  • The labor market impact of Hurricane Katrina: an overview 08/01/2006
  • Conducting the Mass Layoff Statistics program: response and findings 08/01/2006
  • The effect of Hurricane Katrina on employment and unemployment 08/01/2006
  • Hurricane damage to the ocean economy in the U.S. gulf region in 2005 08/01/2006
  • Multiple jobholding in States, 2004 12/01/2005
  • Pay relatives for metropolitan areas in the NCS 03/01/2005
  • Multiple jobholding in States, 2003 07/01/2004
  • 9/11 and the New York City economy: A borough-by-borough analysis 06/01/2004
  • Multiple jobholding in States, 2002 11/01/2003
  • Proportions of workers in selected pay ranges, by region and State. 09/01/2003
  • The effects of firm size on wages in Colorado: a case study 07/01/2003
  • Recent changes in the State and Metropolitan Area CES survey 06/01/2003
  • Multiple jobholding in States, 2001 11/01/2002
  • Job creation and destruction within Washington and Baltimore 09/01/2001
  • Estimates of union density by State. 07/01/2001
  • Multiple jobholding in States, 2000 07/01/2001
  • The new Federal-State workforce information system 01/01/2000
  • Union membership by State 06/01/1999
  • Multiple jobholding, by State 06/01/1999
  • Multimedia and digital visual effects: an emerging local labor market 03/01/1998
  • Employment in R&D-intensive high-tech industries in Texas 11/01/1996
  • A decade of economic change and population shifts in U.S. regions 11/01/1996
  • What is the effect of random variation in State unemployment rates? 12/01/1987
  • An analysis of regional employment growth, 1973-85 07/01/1986
  • Changes in regional unemployment over the last decade 03/01/1985
  • State and regional employment and unemployment in 1983 09/01/1984
  • Pay in Mountain region coal mines outstrips national average 03/01/1984
  • Regional variations in employment and unemployment during 1970-82 02/01/1984
  • Clerical pay differentials in metropolitan areas, 1961-80 07/01/1982
  • Area labor market response to national unemployment patterns 01/01/1982
  • The puzzling lag in southern earnings 06/01/1981
  • Regional studies



    ">Contributions to savings and thrift plans 11/01/1990
  • Life insurance benefits for retired workers 09/01/1990
  • Supplementing retirement until Social Security begins 02/01/1990
  • OECD social ministries focus on rising pension, health costs 02/01/1989
  • How has vesting changed since passage of Employee Retirement Income Security Act? 08/01/1988
  • Trends in retirement eligibility and pension benefits, 1974-83 04/01/1987
  • Early retirement as a labor force policy: an international overview 03/01/1987
  • Spending patterns of older persons revealed in expenditure survey 10/01/1986
  • Today’s pension plans: how much do they pay? 12/01/1985
  • Flexible and partial retirement for Norwegian and Swedish workers 10/01/1985
  • Using the CPS to track retirement trends among older men 02/01/1985
  • Postretirement increases under private pension plans 09/01/1984
  • Modeling the retirement process for policy evaluation and research 07/01/1984
  • A comparison of pension benefit increases and inflation, 1973-79 05/01/1984
  • How social security payments affect private pensions 05/01/1984
  • Surviving spouse’s benefits in private pension plans 04/01/1984
  • ">How do families fare when the breadwinner retires? 12/01/1983
  • The aging of the U.S. population: human resource implications 05/01/1983
  • The labor market problems of older workers 05/01/1983
  • Disability benefits for employees in private pension plans 08/01/1982
  • Inflation and early retirement: recent longitudinal findings 07/01/1981
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