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May 2018

What is the impact of recoding travel activities in the American Time Use Survey?

Mary Dorinda Allard

An examination of how different methods of coding travel purpose affects the American Time Use Survey.

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Letters to the Editor

Counting strike threats

A reader offers recommendations on tracking strike activity, and BLS responds.

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Labor’s new challenge—securing the rights of informal workers

Megan Wilkins

This book offers a global perspective on the various forms of informal work and the difficulties informal workers face in securing recognition and rights.

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Beyond BLS

Older workers—are they aging successfully?

Charlotte M. Irby

This article examines the factors that help older workers age successfully at work.

Men’s declining labor force participation

Douglas Himes

What is causing the plummeting labor force participation among men?

How Airbnb has affected the hotel industry

John C. Roach

This article explores the effect of Airbnb on the hotel industry.

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