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Featured Article

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October 2020

Employment changes by employer size during the COVID-19 pandemic: a look at the Current Employment Statistics survey microdata

Michael Dalton, Elizabeth Weber Handwerker, Mark A. Loewenstein

This article uses microdata from the Current Employment Statistics survey for the private sector to calculate employment changes from February 2020 to August 2020, by employer size.

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Book Reviews

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An introduction to behavioral economics: using psychology to explain economic behavior

Ricardo A. Lopez Rago

This book discusses selected microeconomic applications of psychology.

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Beyond BLS

How have lost market hours from the partial economic shutdown affected Americans?

Lisa N. Huynh

As total market hours decreased, home-production activity increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assessing multidimensional worker skill levels and their allocation in the U.S. labor market

Lawrence H. Leith

Economists model multidimensional skill levels among U.S. workers and examine how those skills are allocated in the labor market.

How did the 2005 hurricanes affect individuals’ long-term earnings?

Jeffrey A. Groen, Mark J. Kutzbach, Anne E. Polivka

Using linked survey and administrative data, researchers find that the effects of hurricanes may increase earnings over the long term but with varied outcomes.

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September 2002

In a highly popular 2002 MLR article, researchers analyzed the differences between workers with and without disabilities who work on various shifts.

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