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November 2018

Measuring labor market activity today: are the words work and job too limiting for surveys?

Mary Dorinda Allard, Anne E. Polivka

This article uses data from the American Time Use Survey to investigate possible undercounting of employment in surveys using labor force questions patterned after those in the Current Population Survey.

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A feminist choice: longitudinal work–family decisions into the new millennium

Julia B. Doggett

This book examines the worklife and childcare decisions of women from their college to middle-age years, with a focus on the factors influencing those decisions.

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Beyond BLS

Working off the beaten path: men in traditionally female jobs

Charlotte M. Irby

Men working in jobs traditionally held by women are examined.

Ten years later—the financial crisis cost every American $70,000 in lifetime income

Eleni Karageorge

Economic analysis concludes that the financial crisis of 2007–09 cost Americans $70,000 in lifetime present-value income.

Down and down we go: the falling U.S. labor force participation rate

Edith S. Baker

Major causes of the labor force participation decline in the United States.

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