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July 2021

Manufacturing employment in the Southeast: examining the last 30 years

Wendy Zhang

U.S. manufacturing has been in decline for the last forty years, bringing real economic impact. This paper examines the Southern region experience. Variation in rate of decline and industry evolution are shown across states. The important transportation equipment manufacturing industry is explored in more detail. The overall takeaway is that manufacturing looks different across the Southeast.

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Book Reviews

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The economics of race relations in Detroit during the interwar years

Sierra Boney

A historical account detailing the economics of race relations in Detroit during the 1920s and 1930s.

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Beyond BLS

The commercialization of academic discovery: a look at startup formation

Yavor Ivanchev

Two economists examine the factors that determine whether an academic innovation will be commercialized through startup formation.

Why has the employment–population ratio declined in the United States?

Lawrence H. Leith

Researchers look at why the employment–population ratio has declined over the past two decades.

Consumer inflation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Richard Works

COVID-19 and consumer spending: How have they affected inflation?

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