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Featured Article

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November 2021

Assessing Consumer Expenditure Surveys data quality through the lens of data use

Adam Safir, Daniel Dorfman

This article describes the uses of BLS Consumer Expenditure Surveys (CE) data at the federal level, discusses the CE program’s approach to assessing data quality, and reviews the data’s fitness for use from the perspective of the data users.

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Book Reviews

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Why do labor standards in global supply chains fail to improve?

Dustin Riles

This book uses new data to examine the deficiencies in the private regulation systems used to set and maintain labor standards in global supply chains, suggesting how these systems can be improved.

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Beyond BLS

COVID-19 causes a spike in spending on durable goods

Demetrio Scopelliti

Consumers spent more on durable goods during the pandemic.

Can STARs shine without a college degree?

Eleni X. Karageorge

Researchers compare workers without college degrees against workers with college degrees.

The effects of unemployment insurance benefits on U.S. employment

Lawrence H. Leith

How is overall U.S. employment affected by extending the length of unemployment insurance benefits?

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