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Featured Article

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July 2020

Examining industry composition effects in state employment

Meredith Miller

Did an industry composition effect slow the recovery of Alabama, Connecticut, Mississippi, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wyoming following the Great Recession?

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Book Reviews

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Manufacturing violence at the border

Victoria Battista

This book documents violence in the U.S. and Canadian automotive manufacturing industries throughout the 1960s and 1970s, illustrating how the decline in worker protections and unionization led to more incidents of individual violence at work.

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Beyond BLS

The number of people who can telework is higher than was estimated

Maureen Soyars Hicks

More people are working from home in U.S. economic market.

Income “Crow”?

Maya B. Brandon

Methods for measuring income segregation may be biased.

Retirement expectations: whether to retire now or later

John C. Roach

What job expectations should workers consider in determining when to retire?

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