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August 2017

Job openings, hires, and separations rise, but at a slower pace, in 2016

Blanka M. Thibaud

Although the rate of growth slowed, Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey data showed continued labor market improvement in 2016.

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Book Reviews

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Can competitive product markets reduce workplace discrimination?

Reid Kelley

This collection of econometric analyses examines how the structure of product markets affects the prevalence of race and gender discrimination in the workplace.

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Beyond BLS

Missing: America’s middle-educated workers

Cody Parkinson

People with only a high school diploma, some college, or an associate degree have been the primary contributors to the steady decline in the labor force participation rate since 2008.

The effect of natural disasters on local economies

McLeod Brown

Researchers study the effects of natural disasters on county migration rates, home prices, and poverty rates.

Raising the minimum wage in three different ways: what are the effects?

Richard Hernandez

The effects on employment of minimum wage increases appear to vary by the way increases were implemented.

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September 1998

July 26 is the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act; in a September 1998 MLR article, results reveal the effects that people with disabilities had on labor market rates in 1993.

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