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February 2018

Improving initial estimates of the Chained Consumer Price Index

Joshua Klick

An examination of the reasoning underlying the most recent update to the formula used to produce the preliminary Chained Consumer Price Index.

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Free prices: the key to a successful economy

Ronald Johnson

This “sequel” to Henry Hazlitt’s seminal book Economics in One Lesson provides a fresh look at some of the fundamental laws of economics.

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Beyond BLS

The effects of occupational licensing on labor market outcomes

Maury B. Gittleman

Researchers use a new data source to determine that people with occupational licenses earn more than unlicensed workers.

Labor market effects of offshoring

Richard Works

Researchers find that offshoring by U.S. firms may lead to a slight increase in domestic employment.

The importance of workers who practice mindfulness and meditation

Charlotte M. Irby

A look at how mindfulness and meditation benefit aging workers.

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June 1953

While celebrating Black History Month, let’s look back at an article from 1953 that discusses the employment of African Americans during the 40s and 50s.

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