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February 2017

Estimating the U.S. labor share

Michael D. Giandrea, Shawn A. Sprague

This article reviews the BLS labor share methodology, discusses the uses and limitations of the BLS labor share measure, and suggests ways that BLS might improve the measure.

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Book Reviews

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The future of flex: recommendations for improving workplace flexibility

Margaret R. Kavanagh

Sixteen essays written by experts in disciplines ranging from anthropology and sociology to economics and demography make the case that greater workplace flexibility will benefit today’s diverse workforce.

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Beyond BLS

Income and health outcomes

Serah Hyde

An examination of how the relationship between income and health has evolved over the past four decades.

Online job search: the new normal

Richard Hernandez

The effect of the Internet on how Americans find jobs in the modern era.

Using the job mobility of young workers to assess the U.S. labor market

Cody Parkinson

Decreased job mobility of younger workers accounts for the decline in the overall job-to-job transition rate.

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July 2004

For workers, having good health is paramount in performing their jobs well, and as an MLR article from 2004 points out, as those workers age, they face additional health concerns.

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