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April 2018

Job market continued to improve in 2017 as the unemployment rate declined to a 17-year low

Megan Dunn, Andrew Blank

The unemployment rate fell to a 17-year low, employment rose, and the labor force participation rate was little changed in 2017.

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Book Reviews

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Why women work: a historical analysis of women in the labor force

Patricia Coil

This collection of essays examines the historical experiences of women in the labor force, arguing that gender inequality is a structural issue that has persisted over time.

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Beyond BLS

What’s up with low inflation?

Eleni Karageorge

The authors examine why inflation has remained low after the last recession.

The effects of the rent burden on low income families

Serah Hyde

How the disproportionate share of income that low-income families allocate to rent affects their overall financial health.

Federal policies toward eliminating the wealth gap between Whites and Hispanics

Edith S. Baker

The author examines reasons and remedies for the wealth inequities faced by Hispanic households.

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