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January 2018

Crude petroleum prices and retail fuel margins: an empirical examination

Jonathan C. Weinhagen

Using econometric techniques to examine how retail fuel margins respond to changes in crude petroleum prices.

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Can “bigger” be a roadblock?

Wendy Zhang

This book uses in-depth survey data to examine the operational performance of residential homebuilders in the home construction industry during the housing boom of the early 2000s.

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Beyond BLS

How climate change is moving the needle for livestock and agricultural production

McLeod Brown

Using historical weather data to better understand the relationship between climate and agriculture.

Housing and consumption: the home-purchase connection

Yavor Ivanchev

Three economists examine the effects of a house purchase on household spending.

The American home: production cost, availability, selling price, and the implications to our economy

John Roach

A cross-regional comparison of housing market efficiencies from the 1960s through today.

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April 1981

Martin Luther King Jr. addressed the importance of education, as does an MLR article from 1981 on education, wages, and on-the-job training of Blacks during the 1970s.

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