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September 2018

Why are employer-sponsored health insurance premiums higher in the public sector than in the private sector?

Alice M. Zawacki, Jessica P. Vistnes, Thomas C. Buchmueller

In this article, we examine the factors explaining differences in public and private sector health insurance premiums for enrollees with single coverage.

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Work sharing: reducing unemployment in good times and bad

Caila Pinkleton

This book compares the employment-saving effects of eight work-sharing programs during the Great Recession.

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Beyond BLS

The fall of employment in the manufacturing sector

Richard Hernandez

A look at factors that have contributed to the decline of the manufacturing sector since 1980.

What happened to the employers surveyed by the BLS Mass Layoff Statistics Program?

Elizabeth Weber Handwerker

Detailing outcomes for employers with mass layoffs.

Labor force participation and employment rates declining for prime-age men and women

Cody Parkinson

This article examines data showing declines in labor force participation rates and employment-to-population ratios of prime age men and women, and some possible reasons for the declines.

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