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March 2017

An analysis of private long-term disability insurance access, cost, and trends

Priyanka Anand, David Wittenburg

National Compensation Survey data are used to examine private long-term disability insurance access, cost, and trends over time.

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Book Reviews

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Eliminating poverty in the 21st century: using entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology to help the poor help themselves

Henry O’Lawrence

A late distinguished professor at the University of Michigan urges educators, business executives, and government officials to collaborate innovatively in order to reduce poverty in the developing world.

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Beyond BLS

Water and food security in a changing world

Brian I. Baker

Policy proposals for improving water security and crop productivity in areas where resources are scarce.

Does employer bias affect worker performance?

Graham Boone

Evidence from French grocery stores shows that negative beliefs about minority workers may impact the performance of those workers.

Changes in the life cycle of women’s employment

Richard Works

Research shows that women’s labor force participation has risen as women delay both childbirth and retirement.

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October 2003

As we observe the history of women this month, let’s look specifically at our working women from 1970 to 2003 in a 2003 MLR article.

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