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Work Stoppages

Work Stoppages Home Page

The Work Stoppages program provides monthly and annual data of major work stoppages involving 1,000 or more workers lasting one full shift or longer. The monthly and annual data show the establishment and union(s) involved in the work stoppage along with the location, the number of workers and the days of idleness. 

Most Requested Tables

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Latest Numbers

Major Work Stoppages News Release
Number of work stoppages involving 1,000 workers or more

Beginning in the period 3(p) in Apr 2023 Historical Data

In effect in the period 4(p) in Apr 2023 Historical Data

Number of workers involved in work stoppages

Beginning in the period 11.5(p) in Apr 2023 Historical Data

In effect in the period 13.7(p) in Apr 2023 Historical Data

Days of idleness resulting from work stoppages

In effect in the period 96.5(p) in Apr 2023 Historical Data

As a percent of working time 0.0%(p,2) in Apr 2023 Historical Data

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Latest News Release

There are 23 major work stoppages beginning in 2022, idling 120,600 workers


In 2022, 23 major strikes and lockouts began in the year and idled 120,600 workers. The education and health services sector accounted for the idling of 106,300 workers, or 88 percent of idled workers over the year.

Next Release

Major Work Stoppages for Annual 2023 is scheduled to be released in February 2024 at 10:00 A.M. Eastern Time.
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The Economics Daily

The Economics Daily article image

16 major work stoppages in 2021

In 2021, there were 16 major work stoppages beginning during the year. There were 8 major work stoppages beginning in 2020, and 25 in 2019. Between 2000 and 2021, an average of 17 work stoppages have begun each year. The lowest annual total of major work stoppages was 5 in 2009, while the highest was 470 in 1952. read more »