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November 2018

Occupational injuries and illnesses among registered nurses

Michelle A. Dressner, Samuel P. Kissinger

This article examines the types and severity of workplace injuries and illnesses among registered nurses.

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Economic policy and national wealth

Yavor Ivanchev

This book compares the effects of two distinct economic policy approaches on national wealth.

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Beyond BLS

Doing away with tax havens—good or bad?

Yavor Ivanchev

An economist examines the negative economic impacts of eliminating corporate tax havens.

It doesn’t pay (as much) to enter the labor market during a recession

Jonathan Yoe

A look at how entering the labor market during a recession affects wages.

A letter that transforms: a look at the Pell Letter initiative

Graham Boone

Data shows unemployment insurance recipients who received information about the federal Pell Grant program were more likely to enroll in a postsecondary training program.

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