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February 2017

Teen labor force participation before and after the Great Recession and beyond

Teresa L. Morisi

The labor force participation rate for teens remained low after the most recent recession, and BLS projections point toward even lower participation by youth.

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Book Reviews

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Rethinking the right to refuse hazardous work

Samuel P. Kissinger

In this book, author Jeffrey Hilgert argues that the prevailing global legal framework designed to protect the rights of workers to refuse unsafe work is largely ineffective.

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Beyond BLS

Online job search: the new normal

Richard Hernandez

The effect of the Internet on how Americans find jobs in the modern era.

Using the job mobility of young workers to assess the U.S. labor market

Cody Parkinson

Decreased job mobility of younger workers accounts for the decline in the overall job-to-job transition rate.

An NCAA coach’s blueprint for success: wins on the field or achievement in the classroom?

John Roach

A look at how the academic performance of NCAA student-athletes affects the retention and dismissal of college coaches.

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June 1982

As we honor Black History Month, let’s look back at the Labor Department’s first program established to help Black workers.

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