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Featured Article

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December 2020

Employment recovery in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Elizabeth Weber Handwerker, Peter B. Meyer, Joseph Piacentini, Michael Schultz, Leo Sveikauskas

This article reviews recent economic research on pandemic-related job losses in the United States in order to understand the prospects for employment recovery.

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Book Reviews

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What attributes characterize a successful corporate wellness program?

Henggao Cai

A compilation of evidence-based essays examining how employers can improve employee productivity and reduce the cost of healthcare through workplace wellness programs.

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Beyond BLS

The reputational costs of business pricing decisions

Yavor Ivanchev

Two economists examine whether price levels affect firm reputation.

How have lost market hours from the partial economic shutdown affected Americans?

Lisa N. Huynh

As total market hours decreased, home-production activity increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assessing multidimensional worker skill levels and their allocation in the U.S. labor market

Lawrence H. Leith

Economists model multidimensional skill levels among U.S. workers and examine how those skills are allocated in the labor market.

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