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Featured Article

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October 2021

Projections overview and highlights, 2020–30

Kevin S. Dubina, Lindsey Ice, Janie-Lynn Kim, Michael J. Rieley

This article presents the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment and output projections for the 2020–30 period.

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Book Reviews

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The dangers of ideology and the virtues of pragmatism

Paul Garbarino

This book examines the history of U.S. economic policy in order to synthesize a pragmatic approach to achieving economic growth.

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Beyond BLS

To improve pandemic work outcomes for parents, ask when, not where

Cody Parkinson

Workplace flexibilities could change the labor market recovery, especially for parents.

The COVID-19 small business boom: startups surge during pandemic

Maureen Soyars Hicks

2020 was a record year for new business applications.

A $15 minimum wage changes more than just take-home pay

Jonathan Yoe

An author examines the nonwage side effects of a minimum wage increase.

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