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October 2014

Female self-employment in the United States: an update to 2012

Kristen Roche

This article uses data from the Current Population Survey to examine changes in the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of self-employed women over the 1993–2012 period.

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Beyond BLS

Middle-skill jobs decline as U.S. labor market becomes more polarized

Demetrio Scopelliti

A Federal Reserve Bank author analyzes the trend away from middle-skill jobs.

What happens when older workers experience unemployment?

Lawrence H. Leith

Despite short-term health improvements among unemployed workers during recessions, an American Economic Journal article shows a long-term negative effect on the health and longevity of workers in their late fifties or early sixties.

Millennials after the Great Recession

Scott Berridge

The recession caused many Millennials to delay making decisions on home and car purchases and marriage; these delays are expected to have an impact on the nation’s economy as well as on the Millennials themselves.

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