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August 2015

Multiple jobholding in states in 2014

Susan Campolongo

Multiple-jobholding rates at the state and regional levels vary considerably from the national average.

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Locked up and locked out of the U.S. labor market

Megan Dunn

Author Steven Raphael argues that vigorous policing efforts and rigid sentencing policies feed incarceration and that societal attitudes toward a criminal history impair the employment prospects of the formerly incarcerated.

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Beyond BLS

Lower oil prices, Texas, and the national economy

Serah Hyde

Economists show that when the price of oil declines, the overall U.S. economy benefited but some states felt a pinch to jobs and tax revenues.

Do couples with children spend less time together during recessions?

Sabrina Wulff Pabilonia

An examination of American Time Use Survey data and state unemployment rates shows that the shared leisure time of couples with children tends to decline during recessions.

Life after the NFL

James C. Titkemeyer

Traditional life-cycle savings models don’t seem to apply to former NFL players who go bankrupt.

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March 1988

Results presented in a 1988 article revealed that between 1946 and 1987, women participating in the labor force increased tremendously.

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