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January 2015

Analysis of the Current Employment Statistics program using customer outreach survey results

Jennifer Chi, Kerrie Leslie

A 2014 survey of more than 3,000 users of Current Employment Statistics (CES) data and nearly 6,000 data providers found that data users are most interested in major industry and industry sector employment, especially on a statewide basis. CES data providers tend to be unfamiliar with the CES program and its outputs.

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Better retirement planning

Richard Works

Author John A. Turner explains why the current pension system in the United States is broken and what can be done to fix it.

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Beyond BLS

Railroads: old industry still vital in today’s economy

Scott Berridge

Using new technologies and container shipping, U.S. railroads now haul 40 percent of total U.S. freight.

Is the No Child Left Behind Act actually helpful to students?

John C. Roach

A National Bureau of Economic Research working paper discusses the effectiveness of No Child Left Behind accountability sanctions in North Carolina.

Student loan debt: a deeper look

Yavor Ivanchev

A Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia economist analyses the causes and ramifications of the nearly $1 trillion in U.S. student loan debt.

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