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February 2016

The life of American workers in 1915

Carol Boyd Leon

This article discusses the everyday life of American workers in 1915, the year the MLR began.

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Money walks, money talks: why it travels from state to state, and what it means for states and you

Ronald Johnson

From 1995 to 2010, about $2 trillion of income moved from states with a high income tax rate to states with a low income tax rate.

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Beyond BLS

A price index that matches perceptions of inflation

Richard Hernandez

Two economists create and test the Everyday Price Index, which they say is better than the Consumer Price Index at representing the public’s view of inflation.

The lure of big cities for the highly educated

Edith S. Baker

Do highly educated workers live in cities because of “production amenities,” such as plenty of customers, suppliers, and innovation, or because of “consumption amenities,” such as good weather, transportation infrastructure, and excellent restaurants?

The laboring labor share of income: the “miracle” ends

Brian I. Baker

A researcher develops an alternative measure of the U.S. labor share of income and evaluates possible explanations for the decline in the labor share since 2001.

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November 1990

An in-depth look at savings and thrift plans in 1990 revealed that employers’ and employees’ average annual contributions varied widely.

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