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April 2015

Comparing with the original: a look at Current Employment Statistics vintage data

Nicholas A. Fett

Each month, the Current Employment Statistics program publishes detailed employment data. Because the data are subject to multiple revisions, end users often need access to information that details how the data have changed over time. Vintage data tables are a valuable tool, providing users with all published data, from original estimates to the most up-to-date figures.

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Book Reviews

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Reforms in education: the challenges in Michigan (and elsewhere)

Ryan Arbuckle

Authors Michael Addonizio and Philip Kearney examine lessons learned in the reform movement in education in Michigan at the microlevel that can be applied elsewhere.

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Beyond BLS

Thinking of going to grad school? This study says it will be worth it

Maureen Soyars

An economist finds that college and particularly graduate school pay off in the job market.

The growth of income inequality in the United States

Eleni Karageorge

An economic policy analyst looks at possible causes of the nation’s income gap between rich and poor and suggests ways to mitigate it.

Sitting on the job slows women down

Charlotte M. Irby

A new study shows that women’s level of physical activity at work and after work are related.

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