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August 2016

Putting violence in perspective: how safe are America’s educators in the workplace?

Aisha H. Spencer, Ryan P. Farrell

How much of educators workplace injuries and illnesses are composed of violent events?

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May the invisible hand be with you: Can the U.S. market-driven labor system do better without reducing productivity and growth?

Roxanna Edwards

A Harvard University economist offers a penetrating look at what is right and what is wrong with the U.S. labor market and how wage inequality might be compromising its exceptionalism.

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Beyond BLS

Poor is poor and middle is middle, and never the twain shall go any higher

Brian I. Baker

A discussion of the frequency (or lack thereof) with which low- and middle-income countries are able to catch up to income levels in the United States.

Keeping up with basic needs: spending patterns over the past 30 years

Graham Boone

Basic-needs spending has increased over the past 30 years, disproportionately affecting low-income households.

Currency invoicing and the implications for prices

Richard Hernandez

Import price sensitivity when a currency experiences fluctuations and the implications toward inflation.

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January 1988

As parents prepare their children for their upcoming return to school, it reminds us of the importance of education just as an MLR article did in 1988.

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