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September 2016

Labor force participation: what has happened since the peak?

Steven F. Hipple

After steadily increasing for more than three decades, the overall labor force participation rate peaked in early 2000 and subsequently trended down through mid-2016.

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The price of political power

Elesia C. Fasching

A Princeton University political scientist finds that U.S. political parties are most responsive to the desires of the poor only when much is at stake for the parties: during a presidential election, when there is political gridlock, or when control of Congress is unclear.

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Beyond BLS

Explaining changes in educational attainment over time

Lawrence H. Leith

An examination of changes in education levels over the last several decades.

Young adults and trends in household formation

Scott Berridge

An examination of how household formation for young adults compares with that of their older counterparts.

Popular money-saving strategies prove elusive for low-income households

Shaun Carter

The effect of budgetary constraints on the purchase of toilet paper.

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July 2000

Although baby boomers are retiring, a 2000 MLR article predicted a labor force participation increase because of Social Security changes and healthier workers, among other reasons.

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