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Career planning for high schoolers

| January 2015

It’s never too soon to start thinking about your future.

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The changing face of retail trade

During the holiday season, retail stores hired more workers to help with the shopping rush. Learn more about this industry and its occupations.

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Working for the federal government: Part 2

Finding and applying for a federal job may be easier than you think. Read this article to learn how the process works.

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Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineer image Beth Ann Hanson started out in chemical engineering but now works as a mechanical engineer designing interior systems for buildings. Learn how she got started and more.

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Working the slopes

This chart uses BLS data to show how much employment at skiing facilities fluctuates throughout the year.

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You're a what iconYou're a what?


Kinesiotherapist image Through rehabilitative exercise, Laura Hines helps veterans regain strength and mobility.

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