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May 2016

The Monthly Labor Review through a century of economic transformation

Edward Montgomery

This essay is part of a special series to mark the 100-year anniversary of the Monthly Labor Review.

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Social capital and career advancement for African Americans

Mary Ellen Ayres

African Americans have less social capital than Whites have and therefore must rely more on institutional sources, such as employment agencies, in pursuing their careers, says one prominent author and career development professor.

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Beyond BLS

New insights into callback likelihood for unemployed job applicants

Peter Fisk

New research suggests that, for college-educated women seeking administrative support jobs, age and low-level interim job placement are more likely to negatively affect a candidate’s prospects than unemployment duration.

Would standardized job testing assist employers in hiring the right employee?

John C. Roach

Researchers find that firms using job testing as part of the hiring process often make better hiring decisions than firms who rely solely on interviews, resumes, and manager decisions, at least among low-skill service sector employers.

Sluggish post-recession wage growth: are we comparing apples to apples?

Douglas Himes

A discussion of the comparability (or lack thereof) of recessions in different time periods.

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July 1984

This month, while recognizing our service members for their military service, we can read about those soldiers who worked for Uncle Sam in the early 80s.

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