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June 2016

Labor productivity growth in elementary and secondary school services: 1989–2012

Susan G. Powers, Steven Flint

Although labor productivity declined from the mid-90s to after 2000, it increased from 2010 forward.

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Are you being taken for a phool?

Richard Hernandez

Two Nobel Prize–winning economists point out that we should all be aware that advertising “phishermen” are successfully “phooling” us and we must continually be on guard against their machinations.

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Beyond BLS

Long may they live: cities and neighborhoods over the centuries

Edith Baker

How natural geographic advantages, human geography, and the human geography of the past contribute to the rise (or fall) of neighborhoods, cities, and regions.

The effect of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion on health insurance coverage in 2014

Richard Works

Private insurance coverage increased largely for those with incomes below the threshold for Medicaid eligibility as a result of the individual mandate.

Does the place you grew up in shape your future as an entrepreneur? Evidence from Italy

Yavor Ivanchev

Economists find an association between an adolescent’s geographic location and his or her entrepreneurial future.

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April 2000

In looking at both health and economic status of children and the elderly, a 2000 MLR article finds that they both have improved in health but not in economic well-being.

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