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July 2014

Changes in federal and state unemployment insurance legislation in 2013

Loryn Lancaster

The federal enactment requires states to offset tax refunds to recover an unemployment compensation debt uncollected after 1 year.

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Job creators: challenges faced by new establishments

Scott Berridge

A review of America’s recent economic difficulties and lackluster recovery with a focus on entrepreneurship and job creation.

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Beyond BLS

Business dynamism: is it really declining?

Ann Norris

Researchers see whether the slowing of firm entries, expansion, contraction, and exits has been limited to certain geographic areas, firm sizes, or industries.

State labor-related legislation enacted in 2013

Terry L. Schau

In 2013, 42 states and the District of Columbia enacted 300 labor-related bills dealing with a variety of issues including wages, human trafficking, and more.

Why do women still earn less than men?

Lawrence H. Leith

An American Economics Review article looks at the causes of the remaining gap in earnings between men and women and suggests how it could be eliminated.

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