Location Quotient Calculator Tutorial

To use the Bureau of Labor Statistics Location Quotient Calculator, start by clicking on the Databases and Tables tab near the top of the BLS homepage.


Scroll down to the Calculators section and click on the Location Quotient icon.

location_calc_02   location_calc_03

If you need an explanation of what a Location Quotient is, click on the Location Quotient Calculator link near the top of the page.

We will calculate location quotients for the leisure and hospitality industry in:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada (Clark County),
  • Chicago, Illinois (Cook County),
  • Miami, Florida (Miami-Dade County).

Step 1 - Use the drop-down menu to select a year to calculate the location quotients.

We will use 2006.

Step 2 - Select a Base Area. We will use the U.S. Total.

Next, select the Analysis Area(s). You may select up to three.

  • Clark County, Nevada
  • Cook County, Illinois
  • Miami-Dade County, Florida


Step 3 - Select a Base Industry - We will use Total, all industries.

Next select the Analysis Industries. You have two options:

Option 1 — You may choose from the three industry groups:

Super sector, which covers major industry groupings like construction and manufacturing;

Sector level, which is at the 2-digit industry classification level,

And Sub-Sector level, which is at the 3-digit industry classification level, OR

Option 2 — You may choose a specific industry — We will use Leisure and Hospitality.

Step 4 - Click on the "Get Results" button.


The resulting screen offers a large amount of data which includes - a description of the data being provided; employment, percentage of employment, and the location quotients.


This concludes the tutorial. Thank you for using the Bureau of Labor Statistics' website.