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The Producer Price Index Surveys the Investment Banking and Securities Brokerage Industries

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is updating its sample of survey participants in the Investment Banking and Securities Brokerage industries for the Producer Price Index (PPI). The PPI tracks change over time in prices received by domestic producers of goods and services. Periodic updates are necessary to account for changing market conditions and to maintain high-quality data.

"Without the generous cooperation of the decision makers in the industries, we cannot fulfill our mission to provide vital information about the economy," said David Friedman, Assistant BLS Commissioner for Industrial Prices and Price Indexes. The PPI is used to measure changes in the size of the Gross Domestic Product, and many private sector firms use Producer Price Indexes to analyze prospects for inflation and to adjust the valuation of inventories.

In 2011, the Investment Banking and Securities Brokerage industries had 434,900 jobs and paid $93 billion in salaries and bonuses nationally. Information about the industries and their workers at the local level is also available from the BLS. Contact any of the BLS Information Offices via www.bls.gov/regions/contacts.htm.

For more information about the PPI, go to www.bls.gov/ppi. For more information about the current producer price indexes for the investment banking and securities brokerage industries published by BLS, go to www.bls.gov/ppi/ppinaics5231.htm.

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