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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
2111PPrimary products312221P
21111Filter tip3122211
211111380 mm long or less312221113
211111681 to 95 mm long312221116
2111118Greater than 95 mm312221118
21113Nonfilter tip3122213
2111355Nonfilter tip, all sizes
2111SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts312221SM
2111MMiscellaneous receipts312221M
2111SSecondary products312221S
2121PPrimary products
21312131Chewing and smoking tobacco and snuff
2131PPrimary products3122294
21311Chewing and smoking tobacco and snuff
2131013Loose leaf chewing tobacco3122294121
2131015Snuff, dry and moist3122294131
2131019All other chewing and smoking tobacco and snuff3122294111
21412141Tobacco stemming and redrying312210
2141PPrimary products312210P
21411Unstemmed leaf tobacco redried before packing, incl. interplant transfers
21412Tobacco, stemmed3122104
21413Reconstituted tobacco (processed and homogenized)3122297
2141SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts312210SM
2141MMiscellaneous receipts312210M
2141XY9Contract work and other miscellaneous receipts
2141SSecondary products312210S
22112211Cotton broadwoven fabric
2211PPrimary products
2211AGray cotton broadwoven fabric
2211A1Plain weave, except pile3132101
2211A2Twill weave, except pile3132103
2211A21Twill weave except pile
2211A3All other weaves except pile3132105
2211A4Pile fabrics3132107
2211BFinished cotton broadwoven fabric3132109
2211FCotton towels and washcloths313210B
2211F12Cotton towels and washcloths
2211MMiscellaneous receipts
2211SSecondary products
2211SSSecondary products
22212221Manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabric
2221PPrimary products
22211Grey fabrics
22211185% or more filament yarn fabrics
2221111Chiefly rayon and/or acetate313210E
2221112Chiefly other filaments313210G
222113985% or more spun yarn fabrics (exc. wool blends, silk fabrics, and pile)
22211391Plain weaves313210H
222113912Other plainweaves
22211392Twill weaves313210J
22211393Other weaves313210L
222116Spun/filament yarn combinations, each less than 85% (exc. wool blends, silk fabrics, and pile)313210D
2221163Other combination fabrics
222117Other manmade and silk fiber fabrics313210N
22212Finished fabric (finished in weaving mills)313210K
22213Fabricated man-made fiber and silk textile products (made in weaving mills)
2221SSecondary products
2211SCotton broadwovven fabrics
2221SSSOther secondary products
22312231Wool weaving and finishing
2231PPrimary products
22311Finished wool yarns, top, or raw stock, not combed or spun at the same establish
22312Wool broadwoven fabrics (gray goods)313210T
22316Finished broadwoven wool fabrics and felts313210U
22317Receipts for commission finishing or sponging of wool fabrics
2231SSecondary products
22412241Narrow fabric mills313221
2241PPrimary products313221P
22411Woven narrow fabric3132211
224111Woven elastic narrow fabrics; incl. underwear, corsets, and other apparel
224112Woven nonelastic narrow fabrics
22414Braided narrow fabrics (= 12" wide); elastic (flat/rnd/tube), & nonelastic3132213
22415Covered rubber thread3132215
2241SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts313221SM
2241MMiscellaneous receipts313221M
2241SSecondary products313221S
22512251Women's hosiery, except socks315111
2251PPrimary products315111P
22512Women's and misses' finished hosiery, full-length and knee-length3151111
22516Women's and misses' finished pantyhose, including tights3151113
22518Women's hosiery shipped in the greige3151115
2251SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315111SM
2251MMiscellaneous receipts315111M
2251SSecondary products315111S
22522252Hosiery, nec315119
2252PPrimary products315119P
225222Men's finished hosiery3151191
225222221Natural fibers
225222227Manmade fibers
225222311Natural fibers
225222317Manmade fibers
225222321Natural fibers
225222327Manmade fibers
225222411Natural fibers
225222417Manmade fibers
225222421Natural fibers
225222427Manmade fibers
225223Other finished hosiery, knit on less than 300 needles, except women's stockings3151193
2252231Women's, girls' and boys' footsock
2252232Women's, girls' and boys' anklet
225223211Natural fibers
225223217Manmade fibers
225223221Natural fibers
225223227Manmade fibers
2252233Women's, girls', and boy's knee-high socks
22522332Girls' and boys' non-cushion
225223327Manmade fibers
22522334Women's knee-high socks—manmade fibers
2252234Other women's, girls' and boys' finished hosiery, including leg warmers, waist-highs, etc
2252235Infants' and children's anklet
225223511Natural fibers
225223577Manmade fibers
2252237Infants' and children's knee-high
225223777Manmade fibers
2252238Other infants' and children's finished hosiery
225224Unfinished hosiery, knit on less than 300 needles, except women's stockings3151195
2252242Men's unfinished hosiery
2252246Other unfinished hosiery, knit on less than 300 needles, except women's stockings
2252SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315119SM
2252MMiscellaneous receipts315119M
2252SSecondary products315119S
2252SSSecondary products
22532253Knit outerwear315191
2253PPrimary products315191P
2253AMen's and boys' sweaters and sweater vests3151911
2253BWomen's, misses' and juniors' sweaters and sweater vests3151913
22534Men's and boys' knit shirts incl. sport shirts, sweatshirts, and t-shirts3151917
22535Women's, misses' and juniors' knit shirts and blouses3151919
22536Girls', children's and infants' sweaters and sweater vests
22537Girls', children's and infants' knit shirts and blouses
22538All other knit outerwear, nec315191C
2253SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315191SM
2253MMiscellaneous receipts315191M
2253SSecondary products315191S
2253SSSecondary products
22542254Knit underwear and nightwear mills315192
2254PPrimary products315192P
2254AMen's and boys' knit underwear3151921
22541Men's and boys' undershirts, except thermal
2254122Undershirts, except athletic types
22544Men's and boys' shorts and briefs
2254411Shorts and briefs, except thermal underwear and union suits
22545Men's and boys' thermal underwear and union suits
2254565Thermal underwear
2254CWomen's and children's underwear and nightwear3151923
22542Women's and children's underwear
225421Women's underwear
2254214Other underwear
225422Girls', children's and infants' underwear
2254226Other underwear
22543Women's and children's nightwear
225432Girls', children's and infants' nightwear
2254SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts315192SM
2254MMiscellaneous receipts315192M
2254SSecondary products315192S
2254SSSecondary products
22572257Circular knit fabric mills
2257PPrimary products313241P
22571Gray circular knit fabrics3132411
22573Finished circular knit fabrics3132413
22579Contract work on gray and finished circular knit fabric3132415
2257SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts313241SM
2257MMiscellaneous receipts313241M
2257SSecondary products313241S
22582258Lace and warp knit fabric mills
2258PPrimary products313249P
22581Gray warp knit fabrics
22585Lace and net goods (excluding raschel lace machine products)
22586Finished warp knit fabrics (knit & finished, or purchased & finished)
22587Contract or commission work for knitting, finishing, & dyeing (incl. lace goods)
2258SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts313249SM
2258MMiscellaneous receipts313249M
2258SSecondary products313249S
22592259Knitting mills nec
2259PPrimary products
22591Knit gloves and mittens315191G
22592Other knit end products
22612261Finished cotton broadwoven fabric
2261PPrimary products
22617Non-commission finished fabric3133111
22619Commission finishing3133113
2261911Commission finishing
2261SSecondary products
22622262Finished synthetic fiber and silk broadwoven fabric
2262PPrimary products
22628Non-commission finished fabric3133115
22629Commission finishing3133117
2262SSecondary products
22692269Finishers of textiles, nec
2269PPrimary products
22691Finishers of textiles, nec
2269SSecondary products
2269SSSecondary products
22732273Carpet and rugs314110
2273PPrimary products314110P
22731Woven carpet and rugs3141101
22732Tufted carpet and rugs3141102
2273219Polyester and other carpet and rugs314110219
2273288Finishing only314110288
22733Other carpet and rugs3141103
2273SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts314110SM
2273MMiscellaneous receipts314110M
2273SSecondary products314110S
22812281Spun yarn313111
2281PPrimary products313111P
22811Carded cotton yarns3131111
22812Combed cotton yarns3131113
22813Rayon and/or acetate spun yarns3131115
22817Spun noncellulosic fiber and silk yarns3131117
2281723Spun polyester yarn, spun gray3131117551
2281781Other spun noncellulosic fiber & silk yarn, spun & finished in the same estab3131117661
22818Spun wool yarns3131119
2281SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts313111SM
2281MMiscellaneous receipts313111M
2281SSecondary products313111S
2281SSSSecondary products
22822282Texturing, throwing, and winding mill products: cotton, manmade fibers, silk, and wool313112
2282PPrimary products313112P
22822Rewound, piled, and novelty yarns not spun or thrown at the same establishment
22823Thrown filament yarns, except textured3131123
22825Textured, crimped, or bulked filament yarns, including stretch yarns3131125
22829Commission texturing, throwing, plying, etc. of yarns3131127
2282SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts313112SM
2282MMiscellaneous receipts313112M
2282SSecondary products313112S
22842284Thread mills
2284PPrimary products313113P
2284AThread for any use, gray or finished3131131
2284SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts313113SM
2284MMiscellaneous receipts313113M
2284SSecondary products313113S
22952295Coated fabrics, not rubberized313320
2295PPrimary products313320P
22952Vinyl coated fabrics, including expanded vinyl coated3133201
2295211Lightweight fabrics, 10 oz or less per sq yd finished weight
2295225Mediumweight fabrics, over 10 oz up to and incl 16 oz finished weight
2295233Heavyweight fabrics, more than 16 oz per sq yd finished weight
22953Other coated or laminated fabrics and coated yarns
2295316Pyroxylin and polyurethane coated fabrics3133205131
2295322All other coated or laminated fabrics and yarns, excluding rubber3133205491
2295SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts313320SM
2295MMiscellaneous receipts313320M
2295SSecondary products313320S
2295SSSSecondary products
22962296Tire cord and fabric314992
2296PPrimary products314992P
22961Tire cord and fabric3149921
2296122Nylon tire cord and fabric
2296133Polyester tire cord and fabric
2296155Steel tire cord and fabric
2296166All other tire cord and fabric, including chafer fabric
2296SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts314992SM
2296MMiscellaneous receipts314992M
2296SSecondary products314992S
22972297Nonwoven fabrics and related products313230
2297PPrimary products313230P
22971Nonwoven fabrics3132301
229712Nonwoven fabrics, laminated and wet laid3132301131
229713Nonwoven fabrics, spunbonded, dry laid, and other3132301191
22972Fabricated nonwoven products, including blankets, ribbons, wipers, and others3132303
2297SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts313230SM
2297MMiscellaneous receipts313230M
2297SSecondary products313230S
22982298Cordage and twine314991
2298PPrimary products314991P
22981Hard fiber cordage and twine3149911
22982Soft fiber cordage and twine, except cotton3149913
22982AManmade fiber cordage and twine
2298207Fish line, fish net, and fish netting (made in this establishment)
22982071Fish line
2298213All other manmade fiber cordage and twine, incl. agriculture and industrial
22983Cotton cordage and twine3149915
2298311Braided cord
2298325Wrapping, seine, and other twine
2298SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts314991SM
2298MMiscellaneous receipts314991M
2298SSecondary products314991S
22992299All other miscellaneous textile product mills
2299PPrimary products
22991Pressed, punched, or needled felts, except hats3132305
22994Recovered fibers, processed mill waste and related products3149991
22997Paddings and upholstery filling, batting, and wadding, exc. foam rubber/plastics3149993
22999Jute goods and scouring and combing mill products
2299MMiscellaneous receipts
2299SSecondary Products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004