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Producer Price Indexes

SIC to NAICS Concordance

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SIC IndustrySIC ProductSIC TitleNAICS Product
36123612Power, distribution and specialty transformers335311
3612PPrimary products335311P
36123Fluorescent lamp ballast3353113
36126Commercial, institutional and industrial general purpose transformers3353116
36127Power regulators, boosters, and other transformers and parts for all transformer3353117
36128Specialty transformers, except fluorescent lamp ballast3353118
36129Power and distribution transformers, except parts3353119
3612SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335311SM
3612MMMiscellaneous receipts335311MM
3612SSecondary products
3612SSSecondary products335311SS
36133613Switchgear and switchboard apparatus335313
3613PPrimary products335313P
36131Switchgear, except ducts and control circuit relays3353131
3613109Metal-clad switchgear using power circuit breakers, all voltages, excl . load interrupter
3613111Metal-enclosed load interrupter switchgear assemblies, all voltages incl. parts
3613112Automatic and manual control panels (generators, transformers, etc.)
3613113Metal-enclosed power circuit breaker switchgear assemblies, 1,000 volts, including parts
3613117Metal-enclosed bus (sold separately), more than 1,000 volts
3613141Outdoor power switching equipment, 2,300 v. or more, except fuses
3613151Power fuses and fuse links for 2,300 volts and over, excl. distribution cutouts
3613183Distribution cutouts
36132Power circuit breakers, all voltages3353132
3613231Other power cir. breakers sold sep., network protectors and auto cir reclosers, incl. parts
36133Panelboards, distribution boards and other switching and interrupting devices3353133
361331Panelboards, including enclosing cabinets, 1,000 volts and below
3613311Fusible, including combination switch fuse
3613312Circuit breaker type
361332Distribution switchboards, 1,000 volts and below
36133217Circuit breaker
36133219Other switchboards, including theater switchboards
361333Switches (except snap, toggle and rotary types), 1,000 volts and below
36133321Knife switches, enclosed heavy duty
36133322Knife switches, enclosed general duty
36133324Load centers: enclosed fusible, service entrance and branch circuit cutouts
36133326Load center: circuit breaker type
36133332Grouped metering panels
36133333Other switches, including open knife and motor contact switches
3613398Other low voltage switchgear apparatus
36134Fuses and fuse equipment, under 2,300 volts, excluding power distribution cutouts3353134
3613451Nonrenewable cartridge fuses
3613471Renewable plug fuses, cartridge fuses, and fuse links
3613493Other fuses and open fuse material, incl cutouts, clips, bases, etc
36135Molded case circuit breakers3353135
3613511Industrial type, 1,000 v. and below, incl. attachments or accessories
3613512Residential or light duty type, 1,000 v and below
36136Ducts, incl. plug-in units and accessories (encl. sectionalized prefabricated bus bars)3353136
3613SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335313SM
3613MMiscellaneous receipts335313M
3613SSecondary products335313S
3613SSSOther secondary products
3625SRelays and industrial controls335314S
3643SCurrent-carrying wiring devices335931S
3679SElectronic components, not elsewhere classified
36213621Motors and generators335312
3621PPrimary products335312P
36211Fractional horsepower motors and generators (excluding hermetics)3353121
36212Integral horsepower motors and generators other than for land trans. equipment3353123
36213Land transportation motors, generators, and control equipment, excluding parts3353125
36214Prime mover generator sets, except steam or hydraulic turbine3353127
36218Integral motor generator sets and other rotating equipment, including hermetics335312A
36219Parts, supplies for motors, generators, and generator sets335312C
3621SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335312SM
3621MMiscellaneous receipts335312M
3621SSecondary products335312S
3621SSSecondary products
36243624Carbon and graphite products335991
3624PPrimary products335991P
36241Carbon and graphite electrodes3359911
3624156Graphite electrodes
36249Carbon and graphite products, excluding electrodes
362491Brushes, contacts, and brushplates
3624911Automotive brushes, including replacement and coded, excluding auto accessory brushes
3624913All other fractional horsepower brushes & contacts, including replacement & miniature brushes
3624915All other industrial brushes and contacts
362498Carbon & graphite products except electrodes, brushes, contacts & brushplates
3624981Products with electrical application incl. welding but excl. silver or metal products
3624983Products with mechanical application excluding metallic oilless bearings
3624986Products w/aerospace application, including unmachined stock and machined items, nec
3624988Carbon & graphite fibers and prod w/other applications incl. chemical, nuclear,
3624SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335991SM
3624MMiscellaneous receipts335991M
3624SSecondary products335991S
3624SSOther secondary products
36253625Relays and industrial controls335314
3625PPrimary products335314P
362511General purpose electromechanical relays33531411
3625111Over 100 MW actuating power and sealed335314111
3625111010.0 to 10 amps contact rating33531411101
362511102Over 10 amps contact rating33531411102
3625112Over 100 MW actuating power and not sealed335314112
36251130.0 through 100 MW actuating power, sealed and not sealed335314113
362512Miniature printed circuit mounted EMRs, excluding reed relays33531412
3625121010.0 through 2.0 amps contact rating33531412101
3625121022.1 through 5.0 amps contact rating33531412102
362512103Over 5.0 amps contact rating33531412103
3625122Not sealed335314122
3625131DIP or SIP footprint, sealed and not sealed335314131
3625133Telephone relays, sealed and not sealed335314133
362514General purpose solid-state relays33531414
3625141Pure solid-state except time delay335314141
3625142Hybrid solid-state except time delay335314142
3625151Crystal can types (sealed)335314151
362515101Larger than full size33531415101
362515102Full size33531415102
362515103Half size33531415103
362515104Smaller than half size33531415104
3625161RF, antenna and coaxial relays, sealed and not sealed335314161
3625162Reed relays335314162
362516201Dry reed33531416201
362516202Mercury wetted reed33531416202
3625171Stepping switches, stepping and pulse relays335314171
3625172Timing relays (timers)335314172
362517201Solid-state/EMR combination33531417201
362517202Solid-state pure33531417202
362517203All other timing relays, incl pneumatic, electronic, etc33531417203
3625181Relays for industrial controls, all voltages, nec335314181
3625191All other general purpose relays, nec335314191
3625196Parts for relays335314196
36252Specific purpose industrial controls3353142
3625211US Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine auxiliary controls and accessories335314211
3625212Metal mill controls and accessories, all voltages335314212
3625213Crane and hoist controls, constant and adjustable voltage, incl. operators desks and stations335314213
3625214Definite purpose contactors and starters, 600 volts and less335314214
3625215Machine tool controls335314215
362521501Positioning type, numerical control33531421501
362521502Continuous path type, numerical control33531421502
362521503Digital readout, numerical control, incl. dial and plugboard types33531421503
362521504Machine tool control, other than numeric33531421504
3625216Programable controllers, sold separately335314216
3625217Other specific, special or definite purpose controls and devices335314217
36253General purpose industrial controls3353143
3625311A.C. full voltage starters, 1000 volts or less, excl. adj. speed & sync. motor s335314311
3625312A.C. contactors, 1000 volts or less, excl. adj. speed & sync. motor controls335314312
3625313A.C. reduced voltage controls, 1000 volts or less, excl. sync. motor starters335314313
3625314Synchronous motor starters, 1000 volts or less335314314
3625315Motor control centers, 1000 volts or less335314315
3625316Medium voltage starter or contactor, 1001 to 7200 volts335314316
3625317Brakes and clutches, excluding dynamic braking controls335314317
3625318Limit switches (positioning sensors)335314318
362531801Electromechanical positioning sensors33531431801
362531802Movement sensors33531431802
3625319Solid-state positioning sensors335314319
362531901Non-optical proximity sensors33531431901
362531902Optical proximity sensors33531431902
3625321All other pilot circuit devices, D.C335314321
3625322Push buttons and stations, except operators desks and stations335314322
3625323Rheostats and resistors, except for electronic appl., sold separately, nec335314323
3625324Controls for packaged adjustable speed drives335314324
362532411Controls for A.C. standard drives33531432411
362532412Controls for D.C. standard drives33531432412
362532413A.C. drive systems33531432413
362532414D.C. drive systems33531432414
3625325Solid-state controllers (all voltages)335314325
3625326A.C. full voltage manual controllers, 1000 volts or less335314326
3625329All other general industry devices and systems, nec335314329
36254Motor control accessories and parts for industrial controls3353144
3625411Motor control and starter accessories, excl. overlaod relays335314411
3625412Parts for industrial controls, excl relays335314412
3625SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335314SM
3625MMiscellaneous receipts335314M
3625XY9Contract work and miscellaneous receipts
3625SSecondary products335314S
3625SSSSecondary products
36293629Electrical industrial apparatus, nec
3629PPrimary products
36291Capacitors for industrial use, except electronic
36292Rectifying apparatus, except electronic3359993
3629211Semiconductor power conversion apparatus33599931
3629212Other rectifying (power conversion) apparatus33599932
36293Other electrical equipment for industrial use, nec
3629SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts
3629MMiscellaneous receipts
3629SSecondary products
3612SPower, distribution, and specialty transformers
3621SMotors and generators335312S
3629SSSOther secondary products
3679SElectronic components, nec
36313631Household cooking equipment and parts335221
3631PPrimary products335221P
36311Electric and microwave household cooking units and parts3352211
36313Gas household units and related parts and accessories3352213
36314Other household cooking equipment, including outdoor3352214
3631SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335221SM
3631MMiscellaneous receipts335221M
3631SSecondary products335221S
3631SSSecondary products
36323632Household refrigerators and home and farm freezers335222
3632PPrimary products335222P
36321Household refrigerators, including combination refrigerator-freezers3352221
36322Food freezers, complete units, for freezing and/or storing (household type)3352222
36323Parts and attachments for household refrigerators and freezers3352223
3632SMSecondary Products and Miscellaneous Receipts335222SM
3632MMiscellaneous Receipts335222M
3632SSecondary products335222S
36333633Household laundry equipment335224
3633PPrimary products335224P
36338Household laundry equipment and parts3352248
3633SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335224SM
3633MMiscellaneous receipts335224M
3633SSecondary products335224S
3633SSSecondary products
36343634Electric housewares and fans335211
3634PPrimary products335211P
36341Electric fans, except industrial, excluding parts3352111
36346Small household appliances, excluding parts3352113
36349Parts & attach. for household elec. fans & small household elec. appliances3352115
3634SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335211SM
3634MMiscellaneous receipts335211M
3634SSecondary products335211S
36353635Household vacuum cleaners335212
3635PPrimary products335212P
36351Household vacuum cleaners, including parts and attachments3352121
3635133Upright and stick vacuum cleaners335212133
3635137Canister, tank, and all other general purpose vacuum cleaners335212137
3635139All other vacuum cleaner types and parts and attachments335212139
3635SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335212SM
3635MMiscellaneous receipts335212M
3635SSecondary products335212S
36393639Household appliances, not elsewhere classified335228
3639PPrimary products335228P
36391Electric water heaters3352281
36392Non-electric water heaters3352282
36395Household appliances, nec, and parts for household appliances, n.e.c3352285
3639SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335228SM
3639MMiscellaneous receipts335228M
3639SSecondary products335228S
36413641Electric lamp bulbs and tubes335110
3641PPrimary products335110P
36411Photographic incandescent lamps3351101
364111Photoflash, including blue33511011
3641111AG (all glass) and M-types335110111
3641112Flash cubes, all types335110112
3641113Other flash lamps335110113
3641121Projection, bulk packed335110121
3641122All other projection335110122
3641131Photoflood, photo-enlarger, and other photolamps335110131
36412Large incandescent lamps, except photographic and Christmas tree3351102
364121General lighting33511021
3641211White lamps, 15-150 watts, 100-130 volts335110211
3641212Other than white lamps, 15-150 watts, 100-130 volts335110212
3641213All above 150 watts, 100-130 volts335110213
3641221Three-way lamps, 100-130 volts335110221
364123Reflector, 100-130 volts33511023
3641231Par type (pressed glass)335110231
3641232R-type (blown glass)335110232
3641241Infrared (all types)335110241
3641251Rough and vibration service, 100-130 volts335110251
364126Tungsten halogen (quartz iodine), excluding 650 watt sungun lamps33511026
3641261General lighting335110261
3641262Other tungsten halogen, except general lighting335110262
3641271Decorative under 150 watt, 100-130 volt, except A-line335110271
364128All other large incandescent lamps (special purpose) including traffic and street lighting33511028
3641281Traffic and street lighting335110281
3641282All other large incandescent lamps (special purpose)335110282
36413Miniature incandescent lamps, except Christmas tree3351103
364131Automobile glass and metal sealed beams33511031
364132Automobile miniature other than glass and metal sealed beams33511032
364133All other miniature, including flashlight33511033
364134All other glass and metal sealed beams33511034
364135Radio panel33511035
364136Subminiature lamps (T-2 and below)33511036
36414Electric discharge lamps, except Christmas tree3351104
3641411Germicidal, bacterial and ozone lamps, including sunlamp bulbs335110411
364142Fluorescent, hot cathode33511042
3641421Slimline, single pin base, including rapid start335110421
3641422Circular, including rapid start335110422
3641423High output 800 milliamps and over, including power groove, VHO, and SHO335110423
3641424Other fluorescent hot cathode lamps, below 40 watts335110424
3641425Other fluorescent hot cathode lamps, 40 watts and over, including preheat-rapid start335110425
364143Miscellaneous electrical discharge33511043
3641432General lighting high intensity lamps335110432
3641433Sodium, photo-chemical and other miscellaneous electrical discharge335110433
3641511Christmas tree lamps (all types)335110511
36416Electric lamp components3351106
3641611Electric lamp components
3641SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335110SM
3641MMiscellaneous receipts335110M
3641SSecondary products335110S
3641SSSecondary products
36433643Current-carrying wiring devices335931
3643PPrimary products335931P
36432Convenience and power outlets (excluding pin and sleeve)3359312
36433Switches for electrical circuitry3359313
36434Metal contacts3359314
36435Wire connectors for electrical circuitry3359315
36436Current-carrying wiring devices, nec3359316
3643SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335931SM
3643MMiscellaneous receipts335931M
3643SSecondary products335931S
36443644Noncurrent-carrying wiring devices335932
3644PPrimary products335932P
36441Electrical transmission line and utility pole hardware3359321
3644112Pole and transmission line construction materials, commercially available335932112
3644113Pole and transmission line anchors335932113
3644114Pole and transmission line construction materials, not commercially available335932114
3644151Suspension hardware for high voltage insulators335932151
36442Electrical conduit and conduit fittings3359322
364421Electrical conduit, raceways, and wireways33593221
3644211Rigid metal conduit, excluding couplings, nipples, bends and elbows335932211
364421121Steel, standard weights33593221121
364421199All other rigid metal conduit33593221199
3644214Nonmetallic conduit, rigid, including plastics335932214
3644215Electrical metallic tubing335932215
3644216Flexible steel conduit335932216
3644217Flexible nonmetallic conduit, including plastics and liquid-tight335932217
3644218Metal raceways and wireways, including fittings: surface and underfloor335932218
3644219Metal raceways and wireways, including fittings: ventilated cable trays and accessories335932219
364428Electrical conduit fittings33593228
3644281Rigid metal conduit fittings: cast conduit bodies, covers, and gaskets335932281
3644282All other rigid metal conduit fittings, including couplings, nipples, bends, and elbows335932282
364428253Couplings, connectors and unions33593228253
364428254Locknuts and bushings33593228254
364428259All other rigid metal conduit fittings33593228259
3644283Nonmetallic rigid conduit fittings, including plastics335932283
3644284EMT fittings (couplings and connectors), all types335932284
364428456Gland type33593228456
364428457Set screw type33593228457
364428458All other types33593228458
3644285Service entrance caps, ells, and connectors335932285
3644286Cable, cord, and flexible conduit fittings335932286
364428611Armored cable, metallic sheathed cable, and flexible conduit fittings33593228611
364428612Nonmetallic sheathed cable and cord fittings33593228612
3644287All other electrical conduit fittings335932287
36443All other noncurrent-carrying wiring devices3359323
364433Stamped metal boxes, covers, and accessories, including stamped conduit boxes33593233
3644331Stamped metal switch and receptacle boxes335932331
3644332Stamped metal outlet boxes335932332
3644333Stamped metal covers335932333
3644334Stamped supports, bar hangers and accessories335932334
364434Cast metal boxes, covers, gaskets, and accessories33593234
3644341FS and FD switch and receptacle types335932341
3644342Outlet type335932342
3644343Junction type335932343
364435Plastic boxes and covers33593235
3644357Plastic boxes and covers
364436Switch, outlet, FM/TV, and telephone wall plates33593236
364437All other noncurrent-carrying wiring devices33593237
3644378Floor boxes and covers335932378
3644379All other noncurrent-carrying wiring devices, nec335932379
3644SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335932SM
3644MMiscellaneous receipts335932M
3644SSecondary products335932S
3643SCurrent-carrying wiring devices335931S
3644SSSOther secondary products
36453645Residential lighting fixtures335121
3645PPrimary products335121P
36451Electric residential fixtures, except portable including parts3351211
36457Portable electric residential lighting fixtures (incl. parts and accessories)3351213
3645SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335121SM
3645MMiscellaneous receipts335121M
3645SSecondary products335121S
3645SSSSecondary products
36463646Commercial lighting fixtures335122
3646PPrimary products335122P
36462Electric lighting fixtures, commercial and institutional types3351222
3646201Incandescent fixtures335122201
364620111Utilitarian and ornamental types, pendant or surface mounted33512220111
364620115Utilitarian and ornamental types, recessed33512220115
364620118Specialized custom types, excluding portable33512220118
364620119Other incandescent fixtures, including portable33512220119
3646202Mercury and other high-intensity discharge fixtures335122202
3646203Fluorescent fixtures, except portable335122203
364620351Recessed air handling33512220351
364620353Recessed non-air handling33512220353
364620355Ceiling systems33512220355
364620356Plastic wraparound33512220356
364620357Wall mounted33512220357
364620358Surface or pendant33512220358
364620359Enclosed and gasketed33512220359
364620361Indoor signs33512220361
364620362Indoor emergency lighting33512220362
364620363All other fluorescent fixtures33512220363
3646204Component or renewal parts for commercial or institutional fixtures, sold separately335122204
36463Electric lighting fixtures, industrial types3351223
3646305General fixtures, except portable335122305
364630511Incandescent fixtures33512230511
364630513Fluorescent fixtures33512230513
364630521Mercury and other high-intensity discharge fixtures33512230521
3646306Other industrial fixtures335122306
364630616Incandescent, including portable33512230616
364630617Fluorescent, including portable33512230617
364630619Mercury and other high-intensity discharge fixtures33512230619
3646307Components or renewal parts for industrial fixtures, sold separately335122307
3646SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335122SM
3646MMiscellaneous receipts335122M
3646SSecondary products335122S
3646SSSecondary products
36473647Vehicular lighting equipment336321
3647PPrimary products336321P
36471Vehicular lighting equipment (excluding bulbs) for all uses3363211
364711Motor vehicle lighting equipment33632111
364712Other than motor vehicle lighting equipment including fluorescent fixtures33632112
364713Component and renewal parts for vehicular lighting equipment33632113
3647SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts336321SM
3647MMiscellaneous receipts336321M
3647MMMiscellaneous receipts
3647SSecondary products336321S
36483648Lighting equipment, nec335129
3648PPrimary products335129P
36485Outdoor lighting equipment (including parts and accessories)3351291
36489Electric and nonelectric lighting equipment, nec, including hand portable3351293
3648SMSecondary products and miscellaneous receipts335129SM
3648MMiscellaneous receipts335129M
3648MMMiscellaneous receipts
3648SSecondary products335129S
3648SSSecondary products


Last Modified Date: March 04, 2004