BLS Economic Working Papers from 1994

Year of publication:

The following is a complete list of 1994 BLS Working Papers. Copies of unpublished working papers that are currently available can be obtained from the designated program office of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2 Massachusetts Avenue NE, Washington, D.C. 20212, or via email. Reprints may be available for published papers.


Number Title Author(s) Publication Status / Disposition
WP-260 Compensation in Part-Time Jobs versus Full-Time Jobs: What if the Job is the Same? Michael K. Lettau See Economics Letters, Vol. 56, 1997, pp. 101-106.
WP-259 Income Imputation and Household Income Inequality in Belize Patrick W. Cardiff Available from the Office of Prices and Living Conditions (December 1994).
WP-258 Models of the Patterns of Returns to Education Harley Frazis See Oxford Economic Papers, Vol. 54, Issue 3, April 2002, pp. 298-320.
WP-257 Dividing the Costs and Returns to General Training Mark A. Loewenstein and James R. Spletzer See Journal of Labor Economics, Vol. 16, No. 1, 1998 pp. 142-171.
WP-256 Interarea Price Indices for Consumer Goods and Services: An Hedonic Approach Using CPI Data Mary Kokoski, Patrick Cardiff, and Brent Moulton Available from the Office of Prices and Living Conditions (July 1994).
WP-255 Household Income Reporting: An Analysis of US Consumer Expenditure Survey Data Thesia I. Garner and Laura A. Blanciforti See Journal of Official Statistics, Vol. 10, No. 1, 1994.
WP-254 Informal Training: A Review of Existing Data and Some New Evidence Mark A. Loewenstein and James R. Spletzer See Research in Labor Economics., Vol. 18, 1999, pp. 402-438.
WP-253 Wage Adjustment in Local Labor Markets: Do the Wage Rates in All Industries Adjust? Michael K. Lettau Available in the Office of Compensation and Working Conditions (May 1994).
WP-252 Price Dispersion, Seller Substitution and the US CPI Marshall Reinsdorf Available in the Office of Prices and Living Conditions (March 1994).
WP-251 Searching for Nonlinearity in the Mean and Variance Ted Jaditz and Chera L. Sayers Forthcoming, Nonlinear Dynamics and Economics, W.A. Barnett, Alan Karman, and Mark Salmon, Editors, Cambridge University Press.
WP-250 The Prediction Test for Nonlinear Determinism Ted Jaditz See Chaos in the Social Sciences, Euel Elliot and Douglas Kiel, eds., University of Michigan Press, 1995.


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