Paul Calhoun, Laura Jackson, and John Wohlford (2001) "Organization and Management of a Data Collection Center."

The Atlanta Data Collection Center (DCC) of the BLS handles two BLS surveys. The Current Employment Statistics (CES) DCC opened in 1990 with three interviewers collecting employment data via CATI. CES staff and workload grew to 40 interviewers and over 42,000 monthly reports. The Job Openings and Labor Turnover (JOLTS) DCC, new in 1999, now has 18 interviewers who handle over 6,000 monthly reports.

This paper covers organizational structures where interviewers were assigned similar responsibilities and received individual supervision; placed in competitive teams with similar responsibilities; or put in specialty teams with different responsibilities.

DCC's exhibit life cycles where experience, efficiency and morale develop and flow. Management must adapt to this cycle to maintain maximum productivity.


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