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December 20, 2011 (The Editor’s Desk is updated each business day.)

CPI up 3.4 percent, November 2010–November 2011

12-month percent change, November 2011, and relative importance, December 2010, Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, by expenditure category
Expenditure category Relative importance, December 2010 Percent change, November 2010–November 2011

All items

100.000 3.4


41.460 1.9


17.308 8.0

Food and beverages

14.792 4.4

Medical care

6.627 3.4

Education and communication

6.421 1.4


6.293 0.3


3.601 4.8

Other goods and services

3.497 1.9

These data are featured in the TED article, CPI up 3.4 percent, November 2010–November 2011.