September 2, 2011 (The Editor’s Desk is updated each business day.)

Average time spent caring for household children, 2006–2010

Time spent caring for household children under 18, by activity and age of youngest child, average for the combined years 2006–2010
Childcare activities Average hours per day
Youngest child under 6 years old Youngest child 6–17 years old

Physical care

0.79 0.15

Education-related activities

0.08 0.11

Reading to/with children

0.06 0.02

Talking to/with children

0.03 0.06

Playing/doing hobbies with children

0.54 0.07

Looking after children

0.11 0.04

Attending children's events

0.04 0.07

Travel related to care of household children

0.19 0.16

Other childcare activities

0.14 0.09

These data are featured in the TED article, Average time spent caring for household children, 2006–2010.




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