Special Publications

Report on the Youth Labor Force
This report provides a detailed, overall look at youth labor in the United States, including regulations on child labor, current work experience of youth and how it has changed over time, and the outcomes of this experience.

BLS Handbook of Methods
The BLS Handbook of Methods presents detailed explanations of how the Bureau of Labor Statistics obtains and prepares the economic data it publishes. The Handbook aims to provide users of BLS data with the information necessary to evaluate the suitability of the statistics for their needs.

Geographic Profile
The online bulletin, Geographic Profile of Employment and Unemployment, presents annual averages from the Current Population Survey for Census regions and divisions, the 50 States and the District of Columbia, 50 large metropolitan areas, and 17 central cities. Data are provided on the employed and unemployed by selected demographic and economic characteristics.

Major Programs of the Bureau of Labor Statistics
This publication presents information on the scope of the Bureau’s major statistical programs, the data available, the form of publication, Internet access, some of the uses of the data, and selected publications and data tapes.

Report on the American Workforce
The 2001 Report on the American Workforce traces the broad outlines of the economy in the 20th century, its impact on the American worker, and the evolution of the statistical tools needed by policymakers, workers, employers, and researchers, as they embark on a new century. The 1999 Report on the American Workforce examines "just-in-time" responses to a competitive economic environment, the central role of improved skills for all workers, and the heightened pressure on the balance between work and family.

Welfare-to-work: Succeeding in the World of Work (PDF)
Prepared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the Employment and Training Administration, this brochure provides tips on how to make the transition from welfare to work, including how to do well at a new job, how to manage work and home life, and how to find a better job after entering the workforce.


Last Modified Date: August 8, 2006