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Bulletin/Report Title Year of Data Date Issued Bull./Rpt. No.
Incentive pay
Incentive Pay, Information, and Earnings: Evidence from the NLS (1995) NLS Rpt. 95-23
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Incentive provisions
Major Collective Bargaining Agreements: Wage-Incentive, Production-Standard, and Time-Study Provisions (1979) Bull. 1425-18
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( See Consumer expenditures and income; Earnings; Family income; Wages and benefits. )
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Industrial relations
( See also Collective bargaining; Labor-management relations; Work stoppages. )
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Provisions in Major Collective Bargaining Agreements in Selected Industries (1990) Bull. 2369
Directory of BLS Studies in Industrial Relations 1960-78 (1979) Rpt. 550
1970-80 (1981) Rpt. 644
Substance Abuse Provisions in Employee Benefit Plans (1992) Bull. 2412
Survey of Employer Anti-Drug Programs (1989) Rpt. 760
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( See Specific industries. )
Career Guide to Industries (1992) Bull. 2403
(1994) Bull. 2453
(1998) Bull. 2503
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Injuries and illnesses
( See Occupational injuries and illnesses. )
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Input-output studies
BLS Handbook of Methods Vol. 1 (1982) Bull. 2134-1
(1988) Bull. 2285
(1992) Bull. 2414
(1997) Bull. 2490
Capital Stock Estimates for Input-Output Industries: Methods and Data (1979) Bull. 2034
Historical and Projected Input-Output Tables of the Economic Growth Project (1980) Bull. 2056 Vols. I and II
Methodology for Projections of Industry Employment to 1990 1990 (1980) Bull. 2036
Time Series Data for Input-Output Industries: Output, Price, and Employment (1979) Bull. 2018
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Industry Wage Survey
Banking and Life Insurance Dec. 1976 (1978) Bull. 1988
Life Insurance Feb. 1980 (1981) Bull. 2119
Life and Health Insurance Carriers July 1986 (1987) Bull. 2293
Occupational Employment in Selected Nonmanufacturing Industries (1981) Bull. 2088
(1987) Bull. 2284
(1989) Bull. 2348
(1993) Bull. 2417
Technology and Its Impact on Labor in the Life and Health Insurance Industries (1990) Bull. 2368
Technology and Labor in Five Industries (1979) Bull. 2033
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Issues in Labor Statistics
A Different Look at Part-time Employment Rpt. 96-9
PDF (31K)
Addressing Potential Bias in the CPI Rpt. 97-5
Annual Hours at Work Have Risen Rpt. 97-3
PDF (62K)
Are Workers More Secure? Rpt. 98-5
PDF (26K)
Deadly Highway Accidents Outnumber Other fatal Incidents Rpt. 96-11
PDF (36K)
Defense Related Employment in the United States Retrenches Rpt. 95-7
Demographics of Family Spending The Rpt. 94-13
Displacement Spreads to Higher Paid Managers and Professionals Rpt. 95-10
Electricity-related Injuries at Work Rpt. 97-10
Employee Medical Care Contributions on the Rise Rpt. 98-3
PDF (34K)
Employer-sponsored Childcare Benefits Rpt. 98-9
PDF (30K)
Employment Growth Among Sectors in the United States, Japan, and Europe Based Upon Educational Attainment Rpt. 98-7
PDF (28K)
Family Leave Provisions in Union Contracts Rpt. 93-3
Growth of Jobs with Above Average Earnings Projected at All Educational Levels Rpt. 94-2
Health and Social Services Provide Rich Soil for New Occupations Rpt. 96-5
Health Care Benefits under Close Scrutiny Rpt. 93-2
Health Expenditures and the Aging Population Rpt. 97-12
PDF (35K)
Health Insurance Premiums Dominate Health Care Budget of Consumers Rpt. 94-1
How Long Is the Workweek Rpt. 97-2
PDF (44K)
Injuries to Caregivers in Patients’ Homes Rpt. 97-4
PDF (47K)
Labor-Market Outcomes for City Dwellers and Suburbanites Rpt. 98-12
PDF (63K)
Long-term Unemployment Remains High During Recovery Rpt. 95-11
Looking for a Job while Employed Rpt. 97-14
PDF (26K)
New Data Highlight Gravity of Construction Falls Rpt. 96-1
New Occupations Emerging Across Industry Lines Rpt. 98-11
PDF (35K)
Older Workers’ Injuries Entail Lengthy Absences from Work Rpt. 96-6
PDF (56K)
Outdoor Occupations Exhibit High Rates of Fatal Injury Rpt. 95-6
Parental Leave Benefits Provided By Employers Rpt. 93-1
Part-time Work: A Choice or A Response Rpt. 94-11
Persons Overboard/Sunk Vessels: Fishing Jobs Continue to Take Deadly Toll Rpt. 98-6
PDF (27K)
Poor Job Market Keeps Many Youth On Sidelines Rpt. 92-3
Recent Job Losers less Likely to Expect Recall Rpt. 92-8
Repetitive Tasks Loosen Some Workers’ Grip on Safety and Health Rpt. 94-9
Safer Construction Workplaces Evident during the Early 1990s Rpt. 95-3
School Enrollment after Age 25 Rpt. 95-8
Serious Injuries Befall Workers Struck by Objects Rpt. 97-13
PDF (30K)
Shifting Work Force Spawns New Set of Hazardous Occupations Rpt. 94-8
Spending Patterns and Other Characteristics of Families Receiving Public Assistance Rpt. 96-2
Spending Patterns of High-income Households Rpt. 98-10
PDF (72K)
Unpaid Family Leave Rpt. 95-4
Violence in the Workplace Comes under Close Scrutiny Rpt. 94-10
Warm Areas Continue Hottest Job Growth Rpt. 97-8
PDF (51K)
What’s Behind U.S. Competitiveness? Rpt. 94-14
Who’s Coming Into the Labor Force and Who’s Leaving? Rpt. 92-7
Who's Not Working Rpt. 98-4
PDF (35K)
Women Experience Fewer Job-related Injuries and Deaths than Men Rpt. 98-8
PDF (193K)
Women’s Labor Force Commitment Remains Firm Rpt. 94-4
Women’s Labor Force Growth Appears Stalled Rpt. 92-2
Worker Safety Problems Spotlighted in Health Care Industries Rpt. 94-6
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