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                                                Wednesday, September 8, 1993                                                        
       BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS RELEASES 1992 DEMOGRAPHIC DATA BOOK                                                               
                   FOR STATES AND LARGE METROPOLITAN AREAS                                                                          
      Which states had the largest proportions of unemployed persons who                                                            
 lost their last job?  Do the proportions of women employed in various                                                              
 occupations differ by state?  These and similar questions can be answered                                                          
 with the information contained in the databook, "Geographic Profile of                                                             
 Employment and Unemployment, 1992," recently released by the U.S.                                                                  
 Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.                                                                                  
      The databook shows, with respect to the above questions, the following                                                        
 differences among states:                                                                                                          
      --The proportion of unemployed persons who had lost their last job (as                                                        
 opposed to entering the labor force or voluntarily leaving a job) varies                                                           
 widely among states.  Connecticut and New Jersey had the largest proportion                                                        
 of job losers--over 70 percent of the unemployed.  In Maine, Massachusetts,                                                        
 Rhode Island, and the District of Columbia, job losers accounted for about                                                         
 two-thirds of all unemployed persons.  In contrast, job losers comprised                                                           
 only slightly more than one-third of the unemployed in both North and South                                                        
      --The proportion of employed women who were executives or managers was                                                        
 fairly high (around 15 percent) in Alaska, the District of Columbia,                                                               
 Maryland, and Virginia.  The lowest proportion of employed women in such                                                           
 positions was about 7 percent in Alabama, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.                                                            
      "Geographic Profile" presents data on employment and unemployment for                                                         
 regions, states, and selected metropolitan areas and central cities.                                                               
 Estimates for metropolitan areas and cities are limited to percentages                                                             
 only, because population controls used for the estimation of these levels                                                          
 are not yet available for 1992.  Most estimates are available by age, sex,                                                         
 race, Hispanic origin, marital status, full- and part-time status, and                                                             
 occupation and industry.  All estimates are annual averages derived from                                                           
 the Current Population Survey, a sample survey of some 60,000 households                                                           
 conducted monthly for BLS by the Bureau of the Census.                                                                             
      "Geographic Profile" reports are published annually by the Bureau of                                                          
 Labor Statistics.  "Geographic Profile of Employment and Unemployment,                                                             
 1992,"  BLS Bulletin 2428 (Stock No. 029-001-03147-5) is available from the                                                        
 Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington,                                                          
 DC 20402, for $10.00.  Make checks payable to the Superintendent of                                                                
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