Import/Export Price Indexes (MXP) Methodology

BLS Handbook of Methods, Chapter 15, International Price Indexes

OPLC Program Comparisons

Comparison of BLS Price and Spending Measures

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are the Import/Export Price Indexes constructed?
  2. What goods and services do the Import/Export Price Indexes measure?
  3. How are the Import/Export Price Indexes weighted?
  4. How are Import/Export Price Index data obtained?

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Measuring Price Change in the U.S. Import/Export Price Indexes for:

Methodology Reports

  • The Pharmaceutical Industry: An Overview of CPI, PPI, and IPP Methodology (2011) (HTML)
  • Technical Note (HTML)

Articles and Research Papers

Economic Working Papers

  • Exchange Rates and the Prices of Manufacturing Products Imported into the United States (2002) (PDF)
  • Explaining Tranquility in the Midst of Turbulence: U.S. Multinationals' Intrafirm Trade, 1966-1997 (2001) (HTML)
  • Imputation and Price Indexes: Theory and Evidence from the International Price Program (2001) (HTML)
  • Transfer Pricing, Intrafirm Trade and the BLS International Price Program (2001) (HTML)
  • The Behavior of Intrafirm Trade Prices in U.S. International Price Data (2001) (HTML)
  • Coping with the Rising Yen: Japan's Recent Export Experience (1996) (HTML)
  • Using Dissaggregated Data to Dissect the U.S. Trade Deficit (1995) (HTML)

BLS Statistical Survey Papers

  • Assessing Nonresponse Bias in the International Price Programís (IPP) Import and Export Price Index Surveys (2009) (HTML)
  • Evaluation of Error Components in a Simulation-Based Evaluation of a Survey Procedure (2008) (HTML)
  • Application of the Bootstrap Method in the International Price Programs (2007) (HTML)
  • Variance Estimations for International Price Program Indexes (2007) (HTML)
  • Using Survival Analysis To Predict Sample Retention Rates (2006) (HTML)
  • Weighting Scheme Comparison in the International Price Program (2005) (HTML)
  • A Note on the Effects of Extreme Price Values on Price Indexes (2002) (HTML)
  • Comparison of Variance Estimation Techniques for a Price Index with Non-Independent Weights (2002) (HTML)
  • A Response Model for the International Price Program (1994) (HTML)

Monthly Labor Review Articles

  • IPP 2008 Year in Review (April 2010) (PDF)
  • Import and Export Price Trends, 2007 (February 2009) (PDF)
  • Price Measures of New Vehicles: A Comparison (July 2008) (PDF)
  • Import and Export Price Trends in 2006 (October 2007) (PDF)
  • Price and Expenditure Measures of Petroleum Products: A Comparison (December 2006) (PDF)
  • Import Price Rise in 2005 Due to Continued High Energy Prices (November 2006) (PDF)
  • IPP Introduces Additional Locality of Origin Import Price Indexes (December 2005) (PDF)
  • U.S. Import and Export Prices in 2004 (July 2005) (PDF)
  • U.S. Import and Export Prices in 2003 (September 2004) (PDF)
  • International Price Comparisons Based on Purchasing Power Parity (October 1999) (PDF)
  • Are Producer Prices Good Proxies for Export Prices? (October 1997) (PDF)

Further Information

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