Hurricane Katrina Evacuees, October 2006

In October 2006, evacuees identified in CPS-sampled households represented about 1.1 million persons age 16 and over who had evacuated from where they were living in August 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina. About 6 in 10 of these persons were again living in the home from which they had evacuated. Of the 1.1 million evacuees, 62.8 percent were in the labor force in October 2006, and their unemployment rate was 11.0 percent. See table below.

[Numbers in thousands, not seasonally adjusted]
Employment status in October 2006 of persons 16 years and over who evacuated from their August 2005 residence, even temporarily, due to Hurricane Katrina 1/
Employment status in October 2006 Total Residence in October 2006
Same as in August 2005 Different than in August 2005

Civilian noninstitutional population

1,065 659 407

Civilian labor force

669 421 247

Participation rate

62.8 64.0 60.8


595 392 203

Employment-population ratio

55.8 59.5 50.0


74 30 44

Unemployment rate

11.0 7.0 17.9

Not in labor force

397 237 159

1/ Represents persons in the civilian noninstitutional population age 16 and over who resided in households that were eligible to be selected for CPS. These data are not representative of the total evacuee population because they do not include children or people residing in shelters, hotels, places of worship, or other units out of scope for CPS. The total number of evacuees estimated from the CPS may change from month to month as people move in and out of the scope of the survey and because of sampling variability.

Note: These data use population controls that have been adjusted to account for interstate moves by evacuees.

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Last Modified Date: November 03, 2006