Customized Programs

Customized seminars at BLS

The Bureau of Labor Statistics may conduct customized seminars in Washington, D.C. for groups of three or more upon request on topics related to labor statistics. For example, customized seminars may be conducted on: occupational safety and health statistics; compensation statistics; employment projections or survey methods. Such seminars may range in duration from a day to one week. The content of each program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of the participants. The cost of each program depends upon the program duration and any additional administrative costs incurred.

Overseas seminars

The Bureau of Labor Statistics may hold overseas seminars on selected topics in economic and labor statistics for participants from a particular country or region. Most overseas seminars are one week in duration.

The cost of overseas seminars depends upon the number of instructors required, the duration of the seminar, and travel and per diem costs. An overseas seminar may be cost-effective where a number of participants from one country or region need training in the same subject area. Because of the lead-time that is required to plan an overseas seminar, requests for such programs should be submitted to the Bureau of Labor Statistics at least six months in advance of the desired starting date.


BLS also makes available technical experts to serve as consultants. The cost of these services includes the expert's salary and benefits for the duration of the consultation, airfare, lodging, meals, and other expenses, as well as an administrative fee. Requests for technical experts should include a clear statement of the purpose of the consultation.

Request a customized program

To request a customized seminar, an overseas seminar, or a consultation, please submit an online inquiry.


Last modified: December 23, 2016