Appendix 3: Major Group - Transportation

Appendix 3. National level index series, All Items
New, history New and used motor vehicles
  New vehicles
New New cars and trucks
  New cars
  New trucks
  New motorcycles
  Used cars and trucks
New Leased cars and trucks
New Car and truck rental
  Motor fuel
  Gasoline (all types)
  Unleaded regular gasoline
  Unleaded midgrade gasoline
  Unleaded premium gasoline
New Other motor fuels
  Motor vehicle parts and equipment
New Vehicle accessories other than tires
  Vehicle parts and equipment other than tires
  Motor oil, coolant, and fluids
  Motor vehicle maintenance and repair
  Motor vehicle body work
  Motor vehicle maintenance and servicing
New Motor vehicle repair
  Motor vehicle insurance
New Motor vehicle fees
New State and local registration, license, and motor vehicle property tax
New Parking and other fees
New Parking fees and tolls
New Automobile service clubs
  Airline fare
  Other intercity transportation
  Intercity bus fare
  Intercity train fare
New Ship fare
  Intracity transportation
  Taxi fare
New Car and van pools
Note: New = new index series.
  History = 5-year historical research series.
  New, history = new index series with 5-year histories.
  Items in italics denote substratum indexes.


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