Publication Changes for Average Price Series

The Bureau of Labor Statistics discontinue publication of three average price series after the release of the June 2013 CPI in mid-July 2013. They are:

  • utility (piped) gas, 40 therms
  • utility (piped) gas, 100 therms
  • electricity, 500 kilowatt hours

The Bureau, however, continues to publish average prices for utility (piped) gas on a per therm basis and will continue to publish electricity prices on a per kilowatt hour basis. As such, users will be able to convert these data to any consumption amount. CPI Detailed Report table P1. Average residential prices for utility (piped) gas, electricity, and fuel oil, U.S. city average and selected areas will no longer be published. Data for fuel oil #2, per gallon (3.785 liters) will continue to be available in the CPI Average Price Data public database.


Last Modified Date: August 15, 2013