Section 17 - Subscriptions, Memberships, Books, and Entertainment Expenses


  1. Subscriptions to newspapers, magazines or periodicals. Include online subscriptions
  2. Books purchased from book club
  3. Season tickets to theater, concert series, opera, other musical series, or amusement parks
  4. Season tickets to sporting events
  5. Encyclopedias or other reference books
  6. Golf courses, country clubs, and other social organizations
  7. Health clubs, fitness centers, swimming pools, weight loss centers, or other sports and recreational organizations
  8. Vacation clubs
  9. Civic, service, or fraternal organization
  10. Credit card membership fees
  11. Shopping club memberships including warehouse clubs like Sam's Club and discount memberships like Amazon Prime
  12. Services that use Global Positioning System (GPS) such as OnStar, not already reported
  13. Direct or online dating services

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Last Modified Date: April 12, 2011