Section 3, Part A.1 - Owned Living Quarters and Other Owned Real Estate - Screening Questions for Interviews 2 through 5 (If New Consumer Unit Go to Part A.2 )

Section 3, Part A.1, when there are no owned properties on record from a previous interview, asks about any properties that have been acquired by the consumer unit during the reference period.

Now I am going to ask about owned living quarters and other owned real estate.

Since the first of the reference month, have you or your CU purchased or otherwise acquired any property or real estate?

  1. Yes
  2. No

What kind of property(ies) is this new property or real estate?

* Enter all that apply

  1. A second home, vacation home, recreational property or timeshare
  2. Property for business or investment purposes only
  3. Unimproved land with no buildings on it
  4. Other property

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How many second homes, vacations homes or recreational properties, including timeshares?[enter value] ____________

* Exclude right-to-use timeshares, vacation clubs, or destination clubs.

How many were unimproved land with no buildings on it? [enter value] ____________

How many other properties? [enter value] ____________

End of Section 3A.1

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Last Modified Date: September 4, 2008