BLS Labor Market Information Oversight Council (BLOC)

Charter of BLS LMI Oversight Council and research papers

The members of the BLS LMI Oversight Council are:

  • BLS, Michael Horrigan, Associate Commissioner for Employment and Unemployment Statistics, (co-chair)
  • BLS, Kenneth Robertson, Assistant Commissioner for Industry Employment Statistics
  • BLS, Rebecca Rust, Assistant Commissioner for Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections
  • BLS, Julie Hatch Maxfield, Assistant Commissioner for Current Employment Analysis
  • BLS, Charlene Peiffer, Assistant Commissioner for Regional Operations, Chicago
  • BLS, Thomas Shaffer, Chief, Division of Cooperative Survey Programs
  • BLS, Larry Huff, Chief, Division of Statistical Methods Staff
  • San Francisco Region, Robert Uhlenkott, Division Director, Oregon Employment Department, Division of Workforce and Economic Research, OR
  • Boston Region, Mathew Barewicz, Economic and Labor Market Information Chief, Vermont Department of Labor, VT
  • Philadelphia Region, Chester Chinsky, Director, Labor Market and Demographic Research, NJ
  • Atlanta Region, Mark Watson, Director, Georgia Department of Labor, GA
  • Chicago Region, Steve Hine, Research Director, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, MN (co-chair)
  • Dallas Region, Carrie Mayne, Director, Workforce Analysis and Research, UT

The committee expects to meet three times each year.

Last Modified Date: March 22, 2018