January 2013

BLS Spotlight on Statistics: Media and Information

Chart Data

Media-Related Time Use


Percent of population who engaged in primary media-related activities and hours spent in media-related activity, on an average day, 2011
Activity Average hours per day for persons who engaged in activity Percent who engaged in activity

Attending movies and film

2.43 1.10

Listening to radio

1.18 1.60

Household and personal emails and messages

0.64 6.30

Telephone calls

0.75 12.90

Computer use for leisure

1.60 13.70

Reading for personal interest

1.48 20.00

Watching TV

3.51 78.30

NOTE: Data refer to persons in the civilian noninstitutional population, age 15 years and older. A primary activity is a person's main activity. Other activities done simultaneously are not included in these data. Some activities frequently are done at the same time and secondary to other activities, for example, someone might be driving as a primary activity while also listening to the radio.

Source: American Time Use Survey | Chart




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