Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain copies of research papers?

Copies of research papers can be obtained by contacting the author directly or by visiting the following website:

Are there opportunities to be a full-time or visiting researcher in the Office of Survey Methods Research (OSMR)?

Research fellowships in the Office of Survey Methods Research at BLS are available through the American Statistical Association and the National Science Foundation. Visit the following website for more information:

How can I learn more about the research that is conducted in the Office of Survey Methods Research (OSMR)?

Some OSMR researchers have posted brief descriptions of "challenging research issues." In addition, you are encouraged to review the research interests of current staff and to contact individual researchers directly. Visit the following website to review research interests and for contact information:

Where is the OSMR research laboratory located?

The research laboratory is located in the Postal Square Building, which also houses the national offices of BLS. The address of the Postal Square Building is: 2 Massachusetts Ave, NE, Washington, DC 20212.

The Postal Square Building is located directly across the street (1st Street NE) from Union Station, which can be reached on the Red Line of the Metro system. Parking is also available at Union Station.

To reach OSMR and the research laboratory, which is in Suite 1950, follow the directions below:

  • Enter BLS using the Vistors' Entrance on 1st Street, just across the street from Union Station.
  • Please bring a picture identification (ID). Security will require you to leave a picture ID with them, which will be returned when you leave the building.
  • After you pass through security, there will be an escalator on your left. Go up the escalator and turn right at the top. Walk to the end of the hallway and take a left. About 18-20 feet on your right will be the elevator to Suite 1950 (the elevator is almost directly across from Room 2950).
  • Take the elevator down one floor (that will be the only thing you can do). The elevator opens into the lobby for Suite 1950.
  • Turn left to go to the research rooms. Turn right to visit an OSMR researcher.


Last Modified Date: July 19, 2008