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Metrology careers: Jobs for good measure

Heavy and light, fast and slow, narrow and wide, big and small: The long and short of it is that metrologists measure them all.

What kind of career rewards precision and accuracy? One in metrology—the science of measurement. By evaluating and calibrating the technology in our everyday lives, metrologists keep our world running smoothly.

Metrology is used in the design and production of almost everything we encounter daily, from the cell phones in our pockets to the walls of our homes. But it isn’t always easy to classify the workers who apply metrology in their jobs. And because metrologists come from diverse educational backgrounds, many learn their skills on the job.

This article introduces metrology as a career field. The first section defines the different types of metrology. The next section describes five industries in which metrologists are employed and some of the work they perform in each. The third section discusses skills and training metrologists often have, along with some of the ways they typically advance in their careers. Sources of additional information are provided at the end.

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Last Updated: December 10, 2009