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Careers in auto racing: Work in the fast lane

The person behind the wheel is just one of many driving the sport of auto racing. Learn about workers on the track and in the shop who contribute to the thrill of race day.

Long before most people had seen an automobile, thrill-seekers across the globe were driving cars competitively. The speed of racecars has accelerated steadily, as has the popularity of the sport. In public opinion polls of sports popularity, in fact, auto racing consistently finishes near the top.

Racecar drivers may be the star of their event, but they depend on support from many others—including some workers who aren’t on the track. From pit crews to promoters, a variety of workers contribute to the excitement of race day.

The following pages provide information about occupations in the racing industry. After an introduction to the sport, you’ll read about what these workers do, either on the track or in the workshop, and how they train. And you’ll learn where to find more information.

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Last Updated: December 10, 2009