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Summer 2007
Vol. 51, Number 2
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Sky-high careers: Jobs related to airlines

Some fly for a living; others provide support from the ground. But all air-travel workers help keep the skies safe. Find out about the unique opportunities available in these careers.

Would you like to tour the world? Meet people on the go and keep them safe? Fix some of the world’s largest and most complex machinery? If any of these scenarios sound exciting, a career in air travel might be for you.

Air transportation is surging, which in turn should lead to an expansion of the industry. That means lots of jobs for the people who ensure that air travelers arrive safely at their destinations. And most of these air-travel jobs come with an adventurous perk: the chance to fly for free or at substantially reduced rates. 

But a career in the skies begins with solid training on the ground. Get started now by reading about occupations unique to air travel. Learn about the duties, earnings, training, and ups and downs of working in the air transportation industry. 

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Last Updated: September 21, 2007