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Summer 2003 Vol. 47, Number 2

Job search in the age of Internet: Six jobseekers in search of employers

Job hunting requires hard work and smart strategy. It always has and always will—Internet or no Internet.


A chainsaw is great for cutting firewood. Use the tool the wrong way, however, and you could really hurt yourself. The Internet is like that for jobseekers. It is a power tool. It can aid a job search or prolong joblessness, depending on how it is used.

Before the birth of the Internet, savvy jobseekers commonly did several things in an orderly manner to find employment. They prepared résumés, did research, contacted employers, engaged in networking, arranged interviews, and pursued job leads from many sources. Today’s savvy jobseekers still engage in the same activities, but they add online methods to the traditional process.

You may learn more from the six fictional jobseekers portrayed in this article. These characters—Tuan, Francesca, Alejandra, Tariq, Aaron, and Kendra—appear throughout to illustrate key job-search concepts.

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Last Updated: December 11, 2003