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Fall 2001 Vol. 45, Number 3

From hobby to career: Transforming your pastime into a profession

Your hobby could kindle the spark for a new career whether you enjoy riding the rapids, firing pots, or teaching an old dog a new trick.


Imagine being paid for having fun. Many people 
make that dream a reality by finding a career related to their hobbies. Some turn their pastimes into paychecks, selling what they once made or did only in their free time. Others find jobs that use hobby-related skills or are related to their hobbies in another way.

If you’re looking for an occupation to match your interests, examining your hobbies is a great way to start. This article describes how some people used their hobbies to find a career and explores a few ways you can do the same. The first section profiles people in hobby-centered occupations. The second section offers suggestions for turning your favorite pastime into a career and for matching your interests to occupations. The last section provides ideas for locating more information, including Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) resources.

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Last Updated: December 06, 2001