NLS Update

NEW NLS News No. 14-156: Release of Preliminary 2012 NLSY79 Young Adult Data

  • Issue 156 of the NLS News includes articles about the release of preliminary 2012 Young Adult data, health variables for middle-aged NLSY79 respondents, and household income update information in the NLSY97.

NLSY97 Round 15 News Release: America's Young Adults at 27: Labor Market Activity, Education, And Household Composition: Results From A Longitudinal Survey

  • A longitudinal study of 27-year-olds reveals that men were one fourth less likely to have earned a bachelor's degree by age 27 than women. From ages 18 to 26, men averaged 6.0 jobs and women 6.3 jobs. High school dropouts were employed 54 percent of weeks compared to 71 perecnt for high school graduates. Women with children in their household were employed 65 percent of weeks from age 18 to 26 compared to 76 percent of weeks for women without children in their home.


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Last Modified Date: June 13, 2014