Recent Data on Retirement Benefits from the National Compensation Survey


The National Compensation Survey (NCS) provides comprehensive information on defined contribution and defined benefit retirement plans. Under the NCS program, information on the incidence and provisions of benefits is published in stages. A bulletin is published with a March reference date each year with data collected from respondents for civilian (as defined by NCS), State and local government, and private industry workers, on the access to, and participation in, selected benefits such as retirement. A second publication, based on employer documentation of benefit plans, is published annually with more detailed information on basic provisions of defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans. Also, additional provisions of retirement data are published on a rotating basis.

Employer costs for employee compensation are published quarterly. Included are costs of defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, and employer Social Security contributions for different occupational and industry groups, worker characteristics, and geographic areas.

Employee Benefits (Retirement)

Employer Cost Trends

  • Historical series on retirement benefit costs per hour worked, 2004 to present, at /ncs/ect/sp/ececqrtn.pdf. Employer costs per hour worked for retirement and savings plans were $0.99 in March 2004; in March 2015 the costs were $1.78.

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Last Modified Date: September 25, 2015