Changes to the LAUS Series Identification Codes

On Thursday, January 23, 2014, the LAUS series identification codes in the LABSTAT database were updated. The previous codes reflected an area typing scheme that dated from the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973, the labor legislation that had been in effect when the LAUS program was established. This scheme did not uniformly use standardized alpha-numeric codes, which made it difficult for users to merge LAUS data with data from other sources. The new coding structure incorporates standardized alpha-numeric codes preceded by mostly unique 2-letter area-type prefixes.

Users who access LAUS data through the BLS Series Report tool, the flat files, or the compressed tape files will need to update their series identification code lists and stored procedures in order to continue to download the data. To facilitate this, a crosswalk is being made available between the old series identification codes and the new codes that went into effect on January 23.

For the sake of completeness, LAUS data for 78 areas that are duplicates of counties or New England towns were added into LABSTAT at the time of the code conversion. Their series identification codes are listed here.

The numerous web pages that embed LAUS series identification codes were updated to point to the new codes in LABSTAT, and all supplemental files maintained on the LAUS homepage were updated to reflect the new codes.


Last Modified Date: April 28, 2014