Leo Sveikauskas, Ph.D.

Research Economist,
Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Division of Productivity Research and Program Development

Contact Information Phone (202) 691-5677
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Fields of Interest Research and development; technical change; productivity growth; urban and regional economics; international trade; competitiveness in international trade.

Harvard College, BA (Economics)
Yale University, Ph D (Economics)

Professional Experience

Research Economist, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1971-present
Visiting assistant professor, Michigan State University, 1970-71
Visiting associate professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1983-84


Selected Publications and Working Papers

  • “Multicountry, Multifactor Tests of the Factor Abundance Theory”, (with Harry Bowen and Edward Leamer), reprinted in Worth Series in Outstanding Contributions in International Economics, (E. Leamer, Editor), New York, Worth Publishers, 2001.
  • “Judging Factor Abundance”, (with Harry Bowen). Quarterly Journal of Economics Vol. 106 (May 1992), 599-620.
  • The Impact of Research and Development on Productivity Growth, Bulletin 2331, U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., September 1989.
  • “Urban Productivity: City Size or Industry Size?”, (with John Gowdy and Michael Funk). Journal of Regional Science, Vol. 28, May 1988, pp.185-202.
  • “Multicountry, Multifactor Tests of the Factor Abundance Theory”, (with Harry Bowen and Edward Leamer), American Economic Review, Vol. 77, December 1987, pp.791-809.
  • “Science and Technology in United States Foreign Trade”, Economic Journal, Vol. 93, September 1983, pp.542-555.
  • “Technological Inputs and Multifactor Productivity Growth", Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 63, May 1981, pp.275-282.
  • “The Productivity of Cities”, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 89, August 1975, pp.393-413.
  • “Bias in Cross-Section Estimates of the Elasticity of Substitution”, International Economic Review, Vol. 15, June 1974, pp.522-528.
  • R&D and Productivity Growth: A Review of the Literature”.

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