2003 CE Public-Use Microdata

The 2003 public-use microdata (PUMD) were originally released to the public on CD-ROM on February 24, 2005. Three errata were issued after the release. The zip files below contain the most recent version (January 28, 2010) of the 2003 PUMD. The addenda files associated with one of the erratum below is incorporated into these data files, however, addenda for the remaining two will need to be applied manually with the supplied addendum files and calculation instructions.

About 2003 CE PUMD

In 2003 a couple of major changes were installed. The first was a simple variable coding change with far-reaching implications, while the second was a revolutionary change in the way the Quarterly Interview is conducted.

  • In 2003 CE introduced a new code for the MEMI and MEMD variable CU_CODE. CU_CODE, which identifies each member's relationship to the reference person, may now take on the value '0 - Unmarried Partner.' This new code encompasses all unmarried couples within a Consumer Unit, same-sex or otherwise. Prior to 2003 these members would have been classified as '9 - Unrelated Person.'
  • In 2003 CE began phasing out paper interview questionnaires and introduced its new CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) instrument. This new instrument allows for data to be easily transferred to the Census database without any tedious scanning or additional inputs. The instrument also significantly shortened the length of the survey. For more information about CAPI visit the Survey Forms section of the CE webpage.

2003 CE PUMD Files

To learn how to download the zip files below, please see Instructions for Downloading Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) Microdata and Documentation. A 'Getting Started' guide (PDF) is also available to those who are new to CE PUMD.

  • SAS
  • Interview (zip) (52.6 MB) | EXPN (zip) (27.3 MB) | Diary (zip) (11.5 MB)
  • SPSS
  • Interview (zip) (71.7 MB) | EXPN (zip) (51.4 MB) | Diary (zip) (17.1 MB)
  • Interview (zip) (44.8 MB) | EXPN (zip) (20.1 MB) | Diary (zip) (8.6 MB)
  • ASCII (Comma-Delimited)
  • Interview (zip) (48.3 MB) | EXPN (zip) (23.5 MB) | Diary (zip) (9.4 MB)

    2003 documentation

    The documentation zip file contains user guides and documentation, data dictionaries, parameter files, and sample programs.

    If the information is not accessible to you due to a disability, please contact us via email. Please provide the location of the requested information, the desired format, and a mailing address in case we have to mail the information to you.

    2003 Microdata Documentation

    Note: The 2003 documentation below is a subset of files included in the documentation zip file above.

    2003 Microdata Errata

    This section lists all the errata that were issued for the 2003 PUMD release.


    Brief description

    July 13, 2007

    An error was found in the release of the public use Interview FMLI files affecting data for years 1999 to 2004. The travel summary expenditure variables TTRANPRP and TTRANPRC were miscalculated, which in turn affected other summary variables. For more information see the original erratum notice. Note: for 2004 only the calculations to all relevant variables have been corrected in the data available for download. For years prior, users will need to apply these corrections themselves. The original erratum gives instruction on how to do this.

    September 30, 2008

    An error was found in the release of the public use Interview and Diary files affecting data from 1980 through 2006. Due to a processing error the household identifier (HHID) was created incorrectly, linking some CUs together that are not actually residing in the same household. The addendum files necessary to fix this error are available for download alongside the respective data files. For more information read the original erratum notice.

    January 28, 2010

    An error was found in the release of the public-use Interview Expenditure (EXPN) files, affecting data from 2001 through 2007. Due to an error in processing, select records are missing from the FRB01-FRB07 files. Note that the corresponding UCCs and expenditure amounts in the MTBI files were not affected by this error. For more information read the full erratum notice (PDF). Note: the addenda necessary to fix this issue have already been applied to the 2003 data available for download.

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