The BLS constantly pursues automated reporting options to save taxpayer money and time. The Touchtone Response System (TRS) is one such option for employers that receive the BLS 3023-NVS form. The NVS is for those employers that have a single worksite within a State. This form asks employers to verify the main business activity associated with their existing North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.

Employers with a single worksite within a State can use the TRS to confirm the accuracy of the information on their NVS forms only when they meet certain criteria:

  • The business mailing address and physical location address in Items 1 and 2 on the NVS form are correct,

  • The business operates in only one location,

  • The information in Item 3 is correct,

  • The main business activity in Item 4 accurately describes their economic activities.

If all the information on the NVS form is correct, an employer can respond by phone. Doing so will save tax dollars. One call to the TRS should take only a minute or two, the call is free, and the call is convenient. The TRS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

TRS Calling instructions:

  • Before the call, locate the State Code and Unemployment Insurance account number (U.I. account number) in Item 6 on the NVS form.

  • Dial 1-888-256-0864.  A recorded message will prompt for the State Code and U.I. account number. Be sure to enter any zeroes at the beginning or end of the State Code or U.I. account number.

  • The system will prompt the caller for all needed responses and will confirm that the information has been accepted.

After the call, employers should retain the forms for their files.  They should not mail the forms back unless the system instructs them to do so.

If employers are not eligible to respond by TRS, they can report online at the BLS secure website: If employers do not wish to report via TRS or online, they can update their information and return their forms by mail.

Remember, the BLS needs to hear from employers even if nothing has changed.

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Last Modified Date: November 6, 2014