Series Code Structure Under NAICS for the CES Program

The structure of the series code under NAICS for CES (as used for the LABSTAT database) changed slightly from the SIC structure. The prefix for the NAICS series is "CE." In addition, the industry code expanded by two digits in order to handle the longer NAICS code. See the list of CES Series to be Published Under NAICS for a list of series codes. Note: the old SIC database (prefix EE) will be available indefinitely with data ending with the month of April 2003, but it will not be updated.

Example of series code structure for the National series under NAICS:

Series:  CEU3133522101

Positions Value Field Name
1-2 CE Prefix (CE is used for all employment and earnings national data under NAICS)
3 U Seasonal Adjustment Code (S is for seasonally adjusted, U for unadjusted)
4-11 31335221 Industry Code (last 6 digits correspond to the NAICS code)
12-13 01 Data Type Code (e.g., 01 for all employees, 08 for average hourly earnings, etc.)


Last Modified Date: May 4, 2007